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Record in sales
A pair of Japanese melons has got a record sale of 3 million yen
Two Yubari melons, Japan, have reached the record price of 24,500 euros (3 million yen) at auction.


Two melons from Yubari, a town on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, fetched a record price of $27,300 in the first auction of this agricultural season in Japan on Thursday.

The figure exceeds the $22,800 paid in 2014, which had been declared the highest sum paid for melons in the auction in the past decade. It is also twice the amount earned in the auction last year, local media reported.

The two cantaloupe melons, characterized by their orangecolored pulp and sweet taste, were auctioned at the central market in Sapporo, the region's capital, and were acquired by Yukimaru Konishi, 36, an agent of a supermarket in Hyogo prefecture in the western part of the archipelago.

The supermarket has been selling these types of melons for a long time and offered the high price for them to contribute to the economy of Yubari, which declared bankruptcy almost 10 years ago, Konishi said in statements reported by the Asahi Konishi newspaper.

The melons are considered to be of exceptional quality due to their long exposure to the sun and their round shape thanks to a steady rate of growth and the good climate, which gives them their high sugar content, the report added.

At this time of year, it is customary in Japan to auction agricultural products, which mark the start of the season and whose first specimens are bought for large sums often as symbols of status and luck.

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