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Hazera at the 2016 Arava Exhibition
One of the stars of the Arava Exhibition, held on the 20 and 21 of January, was the ”Tzalaf” pepper shown at the Hazera booth.


One of the stars of the Arava Exhibition, held on the 20 and 21 of January, was the ”Tzalaf” pepper shown at the Hazera booth. In addition to its bold red color and exquisite taste, this is a high quality variety for growing during the winter, that maintains its uniform shape throughout the growing season.

”Tzalaf” has a quality blocky fruit for harvesting at the end of the season, with a moderate size, and is suitable for exporting to the quality markets in Western Europe.

The new variety provides high resistance and in fact, ticks all the boxes – offering growers high yields and quality in a single variety.

According to Itzik Ezra, the Israel Market Director at Hazera company: “Hazera’s market share in the field of peppers has been growing steadily and substantially in recent years thanks to the high level of expertise of our pepper breeders. We constantly work to develop varieties that are suitable for the growing conditions in Israel, both from the point of view of climate and greenhouse growing methods. The end result is that we help growers benefit from high yields thanks to the variety’s resistances and quality”.

Peppers have high nutritional values, and studies have found that eating peppers contributes to the prevention of heart disease, slows aging processes, contributes to the health of the digestive system and maintains a stable blood sugar level.

In addition to ”Tzalaf”, Hazera also showcased the Nature’s Sweets package – a box of delicious Cherry tomatoes – natural and healthy. Here is what you’ll find inside:

Brown chocolate Cherry – crunchy tomatoes overflowing with flavor
Yellow-orange Cherry – extra sweet tomatoes, real bonbons
Red Cherry – juicy tomatoes that are the heart of every fresh salad

Dozens visited the Hazera booth, enjoyed tasting the variety of Cherry tomatoes, drinking refreshing beer and receiving a delicious gift – a package of Maggie tomatoes with an enclosed recipes booklet. Maggie tomato is a fruit bursting with high quality flavor, thanks to the green gel that gives it a perfect combination of sweetness and acidity and a rich aroma. Flavor tomatoes are part of the healthy Mediterranean Diet. They have firm flesh and are suitable for Israeli salads, cooking and grilling.

In addition to select retail chains and markets where Maggie is sold, it is now available at ”Aroma” chain branches, where you can enjoy it in a salad or sandwich.

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