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Hazera’s Chinese Delegation in Israel: Business & Pleasure
Hazera China will continue to send a delegation to Israel.


Hazera China sent a delegation to Israel, composed of 23 Hazera staff members as well as distributors. Mr.Yossi Tzuri (The Manager of Hazera China) put a lot of effort into the organizing the daily schedules for the group. At Hazera’s headquarter, the group’s members participated in seminars, and visited the laboratories, seeds processing workshop and field trials. They were also taken on tours of Jerusalem, Eilat, the Dead Sea, and learned about Jewish culture. Another tour took them to Jordan, to visit Petra. Many thanks to Hazera headquarter in Israel for the organizing the visits and providing its support. The delegation members enjoyed their stay in Israel, gained a better understanding of the company and reinforced their confidence in Hazera.

Hazera China will continue to send a delegation to Israel. We wish all of our friends and distributors could join the delegation, and boost their collaboration with Hazera.

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