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Czech Republic enforce the notification obligation when selling agricultural land
Czech minister of Agriculture stressed the need of having a Fund of Insurable Risks.


Systemic solutions to damage caused to farmers by drought or excessive rainfall, ownership of agricultural land or negotiation of new forms of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) after 2020. These were the main themes of the speech of Agriculture Minister Jiř Milko at today's ofnsk Forum in Prague.

The Minister stressed that the Brussels question on the new form of the Common Agricultural Policy is a key issue for the Czech Republic. In this context, he informed about success at yesterday's meeting of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council.

"Most ministers accepted our arguments. They agreed that flexibility must be left to the Member States, because only each country can take into account specific national conditions and needs. This is mainly about the issue of casting. During all negotiations, I was forced to refuse the casting. I explained what would mean for Czech businesses that would lose money from direct payments. That it would have a devastating impact on our agriculture, "Agriculture Minister Jiř Milek said.

Jiř Milek also spoke about the Fund of Insurable Risks. "We have been talking about it for several years, but we still do not. Repayment money every year must be found in the budget, approved and paid with a huge delay, so that last year's money of droughts will not be given to farmers until the second half of this year. However, we need a system solution, that is, a Fund of Insurable Risks, on which we are now intensively working with the Supporting and Guarantee Agricultural and Forestry Fund, "Milek said.

To the Fund of heavily insurable risks, farmers and the state should contribute voluntarily, according to the Minister of Agriculture. A farmer who does not join will not be entitled to state support in unfavorable conditions.

In relation to the ownership of agricultural land, Minister Milek said he is promoting the introduction of a notification obligation when selling it. "A farmer who has farmed in the soil has to learn that the land is being sold and must be able to buy it," Agriculture Minister Jiř Milek said.

In the section dedicated to the Single Market in the EU, he reminded that farmers in the individual countries do not have the same conditions. He also devoted a fair distribution of margins among farmers, processors and traders.

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