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Denmark: The EU's agricultural policy must be competitive, simple and greener

Danish Environment and Food Minister considers there is room for improvement in the proposal for a new agricultural policy.


Danish crop field.

The CAP must ensure a competitive agricultural sector in the EU. The large export of European food to the world market must be maintained and environmental considerations must fill more in the EU's agricultural policy.

It says Environment and Food Minister Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, who wants more environment for the many billion in agricultural support.
Jakob Ellemann-Jensen discuss with his colleagues at an informal ministerial meeting in Sofia between today and tomorrow.

The Commission has just presented a proposal for the EU's agricultural policy to look after 2021, and Jakob Ellemann-Jensen believes that the proposal contains good elements, but also that there is scope for improvement

"The EU's agricultural policy must be greener, so we get more environment for the money. In addition, we will be better at finding solutions that benefit both agriculture and the environment at the same time. And so it is crucial that all farmers in the EU work under the same rules and conditions, "says Jakob Ellemann-Jensen.

Need the right solutions

The Commission proposes a number of climate and environmental requirements that all farmers need to live up to in order to receive full EU agricultural support. Nevertheless, the requirements resemble those who are currently set as a condition for receiving the so-called green support.
For environment and food minister Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, it is important with a high level of ambition, but it is crucial that solutions are found.

"Today there are already a number of green demands that farmers need to live up to. However, from several sides, most recently in the report of the Court of Auditors, it is pointed out that the requirements do not benefit nature and the environment particularly much. Therefore, we also need to look at whether more of the same is the best approach. Should we rather not try to simplify the rules and use agricultural support more specifically to achieve the results in particular the environment, as we all demand, says Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, who is ready to earmark some of the many EU billions for green action :
- I look forward to the requirement that all Member States use a specific share of support for green initiatives. It will benefit the environment.

EU support should not favor certain farmers

The Commission proposes that small and medium-sized farms in the future get more agricultural support and that large farms get smaller, but it rejects the Danish minister.

"I can not understand why EU agricultural support should favor small and medium-sized countrymen. It does not give environmental sense, and it does not take into account that there are very big differences between the size of agriculture in Denmark and, for example, Romania. In the worst case, it has no real effect and in the worst case it becomes an administrative nightmare, says Jakob Ellemann-Jensen.
The proposal for a reform of agricultural policy is the starting point for the negotiations on land policy, where EU Member States in the Council are to reach agreement with the European Parliament on the proposals.

The proposal follows on from the Commission's proposal for a total EU budget for 2021-2027, which was presented on May 2, 2018.
It is the Heads of State and Government of the EU who will make the decision on the EU's overall financial framework.

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