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Romania, in the middle of a campaign to control quality seed certification
Seeds and propagating material with irregularities have been removed from commercialization.

Romanian Ministry of Agriculture.

Between 04.16-05.14.2018, at the level of each county, control teams consisting of official inspectors of the territorial inspectorates for the quality of seed and planting material and the Central Laboratory for Seed and Propagating Material, together with representatives of the Romanian National Phytosanitary Authority, inspections have been carried out on the registered economic operators carrying out activities in the field of seeds and propagating material, both at the specialized warehouses of registered economic operators for the processing and marketing of seeds in organized markets and fairs, as well as in other places not authorized for sale.

The measure was taken to ensure the proper conduct of the spring campaign and to ensure adequate seed both in terms of quality and performance of the varieties and hybrids existing on the market.

As a result of the inspections carried out at the 1,531 economic operators, natural and legal persons, processors, traders and local markets, the official inspectors from the 30 territorial inspectorates for the quality of seeds and propagating material and the Central Laboratory for Seed Quality and (ITCSMS and LCCSMS) have found that seeds are generally marketed in accordance with legal provisions.

At the same time, a number of irregularities were found regarding the marketing of seeds and propagation and planting material, taking the necessary measures according to the provisions of the Law 266/2002 on production, processing, control and certification of quality, marketing seeds and propagating material, and testing and registration of plant varieties, as follows:

- Quantities of destroyed seeds - 1,252 envelopes and 50,731 kg
- Amounts of changed seed - 36.463 kg
- Quantities of seed withdrawn from marketing - 603 envelopes and 518,000 kg
- Damaged fruit planting material - 8,211 pieces
- Destroyed viticultural material -2,352 pieces
- Ornamental material destroyed -2,877 pieces
- Fruit planting material blocked from marketing - 212 pieces
- Retrieved fruit from marketing - 1,532 pieces
- Ornamental material withdrawn from marketing - 56 pieces
- Seeds of blocked seeds - 98 envelopes and 18,210 kg
- Seed quantities seized - 70 kg
- Warnings - 23

We mention that since January this year, the Territorial Inspectorates for Seed and Propagating Material (ITCSMS) and the Central Laboratory for Seed and Propagating Material (LCCSMS) have carried out controls to check the conformity of maize and sunflower seeds purchased by farmers, for sowing in the spring campaign. The inspections consisted in checking the documents that accompanied the purchased seeds and sampling the seed lots in the farmers' warehouses.

1302 samples were sampled from 404 farmers, of which 917 maize samples and 385 samples of sunflower. Of the total of these samples, at 4 samples of maize there were differences from the values ​​provided in the accompanying seed documents at the time of marketing and in a maize sample, the determinations showed a germination value below the limits set by the standards in force, which is why the seed was stopped from marketing.

In order to strengthen the discipline in the application of the provisions of Law 266/2002, the official inspectors of the territorial inspectorates for the quality of seeds and propagating material and the Central Laboratory for the Quality of Seeds and Propagating Material authorized to conclude the contraventions and to apply sanctions regarding the quality of seeds and propagating and planting material will continue the checks until the end of the campaign marketing seed and propagating and planting material this spring.

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