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SAME presents its new range Frutteto CVT S:
The new range of the tractor manufacturer includes technical specifications that facilitate its use.

Frutteto CVT 115 S Stage III.

The new range SAME Frutteto CVT S represents a real revolution in the field of specialized tractors. Never before have machines in this category been so advanced and with this technological level.

Equipped with modern and efficient FARMotion 3 or 4 cylinder propellers, characterized by features and specific consumption of the highest level of the category (the most powerful version provides up to 113 HP at only 2200 rev / min), the CVT models are distinguished by the new transmission with continuous variation (a specific product of the house SAME, expressly designed for specialized tractors), as well as cabins, even more comfortable, which highlights the presence of the unprecedented armrest MaxCom, a control console that currently represents most advanced applied to tractors
specialized in terms of ergonomics and comfort.

With the MaxCom, it is possible to configure the hydraulic functions at will, to control them in a simple, comfortable and intuitive way even with the most complex implements.

The MaxCom control of Frutteto CVT S is a technology derived from high power tractors, redesigned to adapt to the reduced spaces of a specialized tractor. The result is a multifunction armrest that, in only 20 cm of width, allows to combine an absolute comfort of operation with the maximum functionality.

A unique solution, integrated with the driver's seat, with all functions within easy reach and thanks to the length adjustment, allows you to always work sitting on the driving seat with your elbow supported by a comfortable padding. In addition, accessible and distributed online keys allow control of additional distributors and front and rear elevators. All controls have been studied to achieve the highest ergonomic level, with the full adoption of the well-known and intuitive "color logic" of the SAME brand.

The new continuously variable transmission of the SAME Frutteto CVT S guarantees the high efficiency typical of the manual transmission, combined with the comfort and fluidity of the hydrostatics, to be able to continuously vary the speed of advance from 0 to 40 km / h , which are also achieved at a reduced engine speed, thus achieving lower fuel consumption.

To drive the tractor, it is no longer necessary to use the clutch, gearbox, accelerator or brakes; in many operations, it is enough to configure the desired speed and use the accelerator to reach it. The engine and transmission are then automatically synchronized to find the point of maximum efficiency based on the loads. As an alternative, you can use the cruise control function: just press a button to memorize and activate a working speed. Using a dedicated potentiometer, the driver can select numerous engine management modes, including "Eco" (which minimizes fuel consumption) and "Power" (which maximizes performance). The new CVT transmission also has PTO synchronized with the forward speed.

Based on a new structure with four uprights, the cabin of the Frutteto CVT S has been designed to combine large interior spaces with small dimensions on the outside: the rounded profiles of the chassis give the cabin a modern design with soft lines and Stylized, ideal to offer wide visibility and, at the same time, respect the vegetation when passing between the narrowest rows.

Thanks to the compact and reduced CVT transmission scheme, the cab structure no longer surrounds the gearbox and allows the platform to be completely flat: the result is a large flat floor and the total elimination of the central tunnel. This flat platform, guarantees an extremely simple access to the cabin, a greater space for legs and feet, the absence of obstacles, a position of the most comfortable pedals and the possibility of easily inspecting the hydraulic and electrical components present under the platform.

A big step forward for the comfort of the driver, guaranteed to a greater extent thanks to the presence of the new hydraulic "Hydro Silent Blocks": 4 special suspensions with integrated hydraulic fluid, which isolate the cab from the body of the tractor and allow a Exceptional comfort level, reducing noise and vibrations in the passenger compartment. An additional option is the assembly of fenders shaped to accommodate high wheels, 28 ", and low, 24"; On request, it is possible to have versions approved in the "Category 4", that is to say, able to guarantee an effective protection of the driver (officially certified according to specific regulations) in the realization of the phytosanitary treatments.

The "full glazing" structure, with a one-piece windshield and without a central pillar, guarantees optimum forward visibility in any direction, while an upward extension also allows the high frontal tools protruding from the rows to be controlled. On request, a seat with air suspension and Hi-fi audio equipment is also available. In short, everything necessary to make work on board more comfortable, while guaranteeing the most correct driving position. The central instrument panel is also completely new, which follows the position variations of the steering column in both the vertical regulation and the inclination, allowing the best visibility of the instruments, regardless of the size of the driver.

The already generous standard equipment of the SAME Frutteto CVT S can be further complemented by the innovative front suspension of independent wheels and active control "Active Drive", characterized by shock absorbers whose response speed is controlled continuously by a dedicated dedicated control unit, to guarantee an extremely efficient dynamic behavior, able to increase both safety and comfort in any condition, as well as providing an exceptional precision of work in specific tasks such as the mechanized management of the vineyards. The Active Drive suspension control software comes standard with the Anti-Combat and Anti-rotation functions, the first increases braking safety (compensating for the sinking of the front axle) and the second automatically adapts the rigidity of the system depending on the turn and the travel speed (thus containing the rolling).

In all versions, the complete locking of the front and rear electro-hydraulic control differentials guarantees the best possible traction in any situation.

Also the hydraulic system offers several options, to adapt to any operating condition. The various configuration possibilities are managed with a main "Load Sensing" pump on demand of 100 l / min dedicated to the elevators and distributors, but, in any case, an additional pump of up to 42 l / min is always installed service of the attended steering, to offer a progressive and modulable turn even with the engine at idle, independently of the other hydraulic demands.

It is possible to have up to 5 distributors of electrohydraulic control (10 tracks) in the rear and 8 tracks in the front, where it is possible to add 2 additional distributors of high flow (one of double effect and one of individual effect), duplicated by other so many back roads and two free returns. In all cases, the electronic control allows programming the desired oil flow rate, timing the different routes and determining the possible priorities.

The rear lift is electronically controlled, with a maximum capacity of 2600 kg; the front, optional, gets to lift up to 1,500 kg. The PTO has the electrohydraulic coupling as standard and has 3 different operating modes (540, 540 ECO and 1000 rev / min). In any case, they are equipped as standard with the Auto PTO function, which allows automatic coupling and uncoupling depending on the position of the implement connected to the 3-point hitch.

All auxiliary components of the engine (radiators, fans, pipes, filters, etc.), already in the design phase, have been thought to minimize the dimensions, but at the same time to ensure maximum functionality also in ordinary maintenance and extraordinary, such as, for example, the double stage PowerCore air filter, completed by a dust ejector, and the new radiator group (coolant, oil and intercooler), very easy and quick to clean, even in the field. The 85 liter diesel fuel tank has a sufficient capacity to guarantee, even to the model with the highest performance, a prolonged working autonomy.

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