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Thousands of seeds gathered in Agrovademecum
With a database that grows with new seeds every day, this is the only free online vademecum of seeds for professional growers.

Horticultural seedlings.

With almost 1400 varieties of seeds right now and with a database that grows every day with new varieties from the most important seed producers, is the only online vademecum of seeds for professional growers that is open access. is a consultation tool that the professionals in agriculture can use at any moment and any place they need it to check the existent seed varieties and its characteristics.

It is particularly meant for producers, agronomists, agricultural technicians, researchers, students and every other agricultural professional. This tool makes it easier for them to do their job by being able to check the characteristics of Agrovademecum.comís range of seeds: tomato, pepper, cucumber, melon, watermelon, lettuce, courgette and eggplant.

On the one hand, producers can make of a great ally to fight plagues and common diseases in their land, as this website offers them the possibility of finding resistant varieties for their crops. This way they could overcome former production losses.

On the other hand, salespeople and technicians from the seed producer companies can find, in, the morphological characteristics of each variety, in order to adapt their products to every market demand.

Besides, agronomists and agricultural technicians may find in any type of useful information for advising producers on choosing a variety or another, taking into account their circumstances and necessities: from the growing cycle of a specific variety to the average degrees Brix that the fruit of said variety contains, including the contact information of the company that sells that specific seed.

Furthermore, students and researchers can find in the scientific name of each crop, as well as much more useful information for their research papers.

In conclusion, from now on the agricultural sector counts with a new open access tool that gives the agricultural professionals the possibility of accessing all the relevant information relating fruit and vegetable seeds, which will lead them to make appropriate decisions regarding their crops and daily job activities.

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