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Bio Suisse demands "solutions instead of political setbacks" in the face of the request to paralyze the Swiss Agricultural Policy +22

For the Swiss organic farmers' association, a delay of several years is not an option, as they consider that improvements in agricultural policy should take hold as soon as possible, allowing farmers to plan.


Swiss organic grower.

In the run-up to the debate, Bio Suisse came out in favor and against the rejection of Switzerland's Agricultural Policy +22. The association shares this position with the Alianza Agraria, IG DHS and IGAS. After the decision to suspend the commission of the Council of States, a word of power of the people threatens a yes to the pending initiatives. Bio Suisse demands solutions to urgent problems rather than political setbacks. Peasant families need security in planning.

President Urs Brändli says: “The problems with pesticides, nutrient surpluses, concentrated feed imports and animal welfare are known and can be solved. By refusing to work, the Council of States commission risks the electorate taking the reins of pending initiatives. Instead of further regulated development, farmers have to deal with uncertainties and abrupt and unpredictable changes. "

The Organic Farmers Association is calling for the decision to be corrected by the highest levels of parliament. The pesticide reduction path established by the Council of States' parliamentary initiative can now continue without delay. Votes on the 'Drinking water' and 'Switzerland without synthetic pesticides' initiatives will be postponed until the latest possible date. This is the only way that voters can take into account the results of parliamentary deliberations and not buy a pig in a shove.

Delaying agricultural policy for several years is not an option. The task now is to anchor improvements in agricultural policy as soon as possible. The requirements of the WAK-S postulate should be integrated as far as possible into the Swiss Agricultural Policy +22, the rest should flow to the next PA. The Federal Council is called upon to propose what is feasible without delay. At the same time, sales promotion and research should also be geared towards increasingly sustainable agriculture, as part of the highly anticipated “Swiss Green Deal”.

Organic farming can make an important contribution to solving these problems. The EU recognizes and promotes this with the new strategy “From farm to table” as part of the “European Green Deal” of 1 billion euros. Switzerland is in a difficult situation: EU products are becoming more environmentally friendly and animal-friendly, which is why one of the main arguments for consuming Swiss products is less and less popular.

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