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Greece takes the first steps towards the constitution of the National Union of Agricultural Cooperatives

This is a historic claim of Greek cooperatives in order to have a strong representative body, both nationally and internationally.


Signing of the constitution of the National Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Greece.

With the decisive contribution of the Greek Ministry of Agriculture, M. Voridis, the first step was taken for the constitution of the National Union of Agricultural Cooperatives (ETHEAS), a historic decision for the Greek Cooperative Movement.

The Minister of Rural Development and Food, Makis Voridis, after his persistent and continuous personal effort, succeeded in launching the "National Union of Agricultural Cooperatives" (ETHEAS).

After many months of negotiation between the coordinating bodies of the Agrarian Cooperative Organizations of the country, which was personally encouraged and supported by Voridis, on Friday, December 11, 2020, the collection of signatures of the Social Statutes in the Ministry of Rural Development began and Food.

It is noted that cooperatives with more than 51% of the country's total turnover are already represented, a percentage that is defined by law as a condition for the recognition of ETHEAS.

The statute that will be signed defines the framework of the Union and also designates the temporary steering committee that is made up of the following parts:
  • Christos Giannakakis, President of the Veria Agricultural Cooperative "Venus Growers"
  • Pavlos Satolias, President of the Kalavrita Agricultural Cooperative
  • Andreas Dimitriou, President of APS Ioannina "I Pindos"
  • George Tsatsas, President of OPAS Pella
  • Thomas Koutsoupias, President of the Union of Agrinio
  • Spyros Antonopoulos, President of EAS Argolida "REA"
  • Nikolaos Minas, President of AS Kalivia
  • Thanasis Sotiropoulos, President of Panayialio PES
  • Nikolaos Prokovakis, President of AES Laconia
This particularly important fact is the implementation of the provisions of article 38 of Law 4673/20 which provides for the establishment of a single body, which was a constant and constant request from farmer cooperatives for the establishment of a national coordinating organization of Agricultural Cooperatives. the reunification of the cooperative movement under a single and strong body that will represent them both nationally and internationally.

It should be noted that the above was made possible after the change in the legal framework for the operation of Agricultural Cooperatives, which proceeded with Mr. Voridis and laid a solid and solid foundation for the promotion of Agricultural Cooperatives in modern, competitive and profitable. in order to meet the demands of the modern competitive environment that has developed in the global market.

The most important objectives of ETHEAS as established by the Union itself are:
  • The dissemination and promotion of the Cooperative idea and the promotion of the role and contribution of the collective actions of farmers in society and the National Economy.

  • Participation in the competent bodies of the European Union but also in international organizations involved in making decisions that directly or indirectly affect the agricultural sector of Greece and the operation of its collective activities.

  • The promotion and strengthening of the collective actions of farmers as a necessary tool for the rural and regional development of the country and as a means to maintain the protection of the social and productive fabric in the Greek countryside.
The Minister welcomed with great satisfaction this historic decision of the Cooperative Unions to unite their voice under this single body that will function as a strong social interlocutor and will become the exclusive interlocutor of the State on matters related to cooperative interest. At the same time, Voridis guaranteed that ETHEAS will have the full support of the Ministry to promote the cooperative movement as a fundamental pillar of the recovery of the rural economy of our country.

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