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Maxam Tire expands its port solutions

The company's new Portxtra series has been designed to tackle the most complex machines used in the transport of heavy loads during the stacking of containers, which requires increasing productivity.


Maxam Portxtra Ind-4 MS407 tire.

MAXAM Tire is pleased to announce the expansion of the port series to their broad range of specialty tires. MAXAM has engineered the MS307 PORTXTRA IND-3 and MS407 PORTXTRA IND-4 to provide the industry with the best solutions for ports and terminals.

To meet the heavy load requirements in port and terminal applications, the new PORTXTRA series utilizes innovative compounding and tread design to exceed port sites’ standards. The MAXAM PORTXTRA series is engineered to provide customers with the highest level of productivity and longer operating hours. The port series is available in two specific tread patterns, the MS307 and the MS407 to surpass the needs of each port/harbor application.

The MS307 PORTXTRA IND-3 was developed with an all-steel radial tread ideal specifically for port applications that run heavy loads and long cycle times. Featuring an extra wide tread profile and reinforced sidewall, the MS307 improves stability on long distances. Manufactured to withstand high heat, the MS307 allows for longer operating hours with guaranteed performance. The MS307 PORTXTRA is now available in four sizes, ranging from 12.00R20 to 14.00R24.

The MS407 PORTXTRA IND-4 features a deep belt-stabilized tread that provides users with high levels of traction, longer tread life and low heat buildup. Engineered with a high-quality casing and a wear and cut resistant compound, the MS407 is built to master your heaviest loads. High quality casing allows for excellent retread ability, making the MS407 a value-driven solution for end users. The MS407 PORTXTRA is now available in six sizes, ranging from 10.00R20 to 14.00R25. 

“In a rapidly growing worldwide market, The PORTXTRA product line was developed to tackle both the most complex and utilized machines requiring ever-increasing productivity. To meet the demands of port applications, the MS307 & MS407 are engineered to carry heavy loads while safely stacking and transporting containers making thousands of return trips.” says Jimmy McDonnell, Vice President at MAXAM Tire North America.

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