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Portugal anticipates a 3% decrease in wine production compared to the previous season

This decrease corresponds to 2% compared to the average of the last five campaigns.


Portuguese vineyard.

According to the forecasts of the Portuguese Instituto da Vinha e do Vinho (IVV), wine production is expected to decrease in Portugal by approximately 3% compared to the previous season, to a volume of the order of 6.3 million hectoliters, which corresponds to a 2% drop compared to the average of the last five campaigns

The Douro, Terras do Dão, Trás-os-Montes and Terras de Cister regions may be the most affected, with forecasts of production losses between 20 and 35%.

The regions of Minho (+ 9%), Alentejo (+ 5%) and Lisbon (+ 5%) will be those with the largest increases in volume compared to the last campaign, with predictable increases of more than 45,000 hectoliters.

Despite the meteorological instability observed during the entire vegetative cycle of the crop, and outbreaks of mildew have been recorded, in general the grapes have a good phytosanitary condition.

The climatic conditions that occur until the harvest, that is, the appearance of heat waves, will be decisive in the quantity and quality of the harvest.

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