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Trump's tariffs plummet the value of French wine in the USA

The United States reduces its spending on French bottled wine by $ 137 million (-27%).


Trump's imagen with imported wine to the United States. / Credit: OeMv

In the middle of last October 2019, the measure adopted by the Donald Trump government, regarding the increase in tariffs against bottled wine from some European countries, including Spain and France, in addition to Germany and the United Kingdom, came into force. , which we analyzed in its day from the OeMv.

France has been the most affected by the tariffs, losing 27% of its value between November 2019 and March 2020. It was also the one that lost the most liters (-5 million).

Italy, excluded from these tariffs, earns 45 million more but loses more liters than Spain

Spain only entered 2.5 million dollars less and Italy, a country not affected by tariffs, 45 million more. However, Italy fell more than Spain in volume. USA It imported more Italian and Spanish bottled wine in January and February, but much less in March, coinciding with trade restrictions for the coronavirus.

Purchases of bottled wine from Portugal, New Zealand and South Africa grow, with a drop in Australia and Germany. Argentina and Chile, relatively stable.

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