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Auctioned at an average price of 12.76 USD/lb, 26 coffees, finalists of the sixth contest 'Colombia, Land of Diversity'

In an exciting online session, the coffee from Domingo Torres (Finca El Roble), producer from Ragonvalia, Norte de Santander (Colombia), reached a maximum price of 41 USD / lb.


Coffee producers, finalists of the contest.

At an average price of 12.76 USD / lb, the highest in the history of this event, the 26 coffees that participated in the virtual auction of the sixth edition of the Colombia, Land of Diversity contest were sold today.

"The contest and the auction are a powerful way to promote the quality of our coffee and give the whole world the opportunity to taste the diversity of cups of our product," said the General Manager of the FNC, Roberto Vélez Vallejo.

In an exciting online auction in front of 114 potential clients from different countries, the coffee of Domingo Torres (Finca El Roble), producer from Ragonvalia, Norte de Santander, reached a maximum price of 41 USD / lb.

Torres Angulo had been a double winner in the contest for the attribute of smoothness and as the most exotic coffee. Processed with great care, his coffee features floral, sweet and fruity notes and was purchased by Shanghai Coffee Changxiang Industrial Development Co. Ltd. company.

In the auction, which started at a base price of $ 3.50 USD / lb, the second best price, of 21.50 USD / lb, was for the coffee of Eidel de Jesús Machado, from Urrao, Antioquia, who in the contest had been winner in the balance attribute.

And the third highest price, of 19 USD / lb, was for Beatriz Helena Vélez, also from the department of Antioquia. The 26 best coffees from the sixth contest Colombia, Tierra de Diversidad, from nine departments (Antioquia, Caldas, Cauca, Cundinamarca, Magdalena, Meta, Norte de Santander, Quindío and Tolima) were presented to the auction.
The competition and the respective auction reward the efforts of the producers with the quality of the coffee and allow them to reach buyers willing to pay prices much higher than the market base price.

Given the mobility restrictions derived from the pandemic, the FNC commercial team redoubled efforts to bring the best Colombian coffees to potential buyers and took full advantage of virtual platforms to make this auction a reality, which lasted for almost four hours.

Potential buyers from countries as varied as Germany, Canada, China, South Korea, Spain, the United States, Great Britain, Italy and Japan participated.

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