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Chemometric Brain signs an agreement with Foga Gum for the digitization of the quality control of gum arabic in Sudan

Chemometric Braim technology guarantees the traceability, suitability and homogeneity of ingredients and final food products.


Handling of arabic gum for use in the food industry.

Chemometric Brain, an innovative digitized quality control and Testing-as-a-Service software based on a near infrared (NIR) technology that guarantees the traceability, suitability and homogeneity of ingredients and final food products, has signed an agreement with FOGA Gum, a Dutch company specializing in the production of organic and fair trade gum arabic in Sudan, to digitize the quality of its products and its supply chain.

The implementation of Chemometric Brain allows Foga to digitize quality control, facilitating sample analysis and validating quality, homogeneity and traceability from the entry of raw materials to the exit of the finished product, throughout the entire chain of value of gum arabic (Gum Acacia).

Gum arabic (or acacia gum) is a natural gum derived from the hardened sap of acacia and is used primarily as a stabilizer in the food industry.

Originally from the Netherlands, FOGA has invested in two production plants in Sudan to strengthen the gum arabic value chain by shortening supply chains and producing more efficiently and sustainably. They work very closely with farmers in Sudan and are directly involved in tree planting and reforestation in the area.

FOGA offers producers fair prices, contributes to improving their skills and income by eliminating middlemen, and uses spray drying techniques to produce high-quality products for the world market.

This agreement shows that Chemometric Brain is a useful, accessible and economical solution focused on small and medium-sized companies such as Foga, with a clear commitment to innovation and quality. Both companies share values ​​and social commitment, since Foga promotes fair trade and local development and Chemometric Brain seeks to democratize the use of NIR technology through the digitization of quality and global supply chains to ensure sustainable food and nutrition in all the world.

Chemometric Brain

Chemometric Brain is a pioneering quality control software based on NIR technology that allows to identify the components of any ingredient or food product in powder, liquid, solid or gel in just a few seconds using advanced techniques such as qualitative and quantitative NIR analysis, the Machine Learning and AI, and hosting hundreds of product libraries on a single cloud platform. After more than a decade developing digitized quality control around a global network of production centers, Chemometric Brain became an independent company in 2020 due to the interest of many organizations to adopt this technology. It currently has clients in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

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