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Driscoll's: a dynamism, innovation and sustainability benchmark for the agri-food sector in Mexico

Ing. Curiel Mendoza, general director in Mexico: "At Driscoll’s we have a firm commitment not only to continue growing, but to make our growth a shared development that seeks the benefit of the community to which we belong."


Driscoll's berries crop field in Mexico.

“At Driscoll’s we deeply believe in the need to work hand in hand with the community to promote the shared development of the regions in which we operate. However, we recognize the human factor as the most valuable element of our work, so it is essential to ensure the well-being and integrity of agricultural workers who carry out activities in the field”, explains Engineer Miguel Ángel Curiel Mendoza, vice president and general director of Driscoll's México, a benchmark for business dynamism for the Mexican agri-food sector.

Within the same context, Curiel Mendoza explains that "we currently have a presence in some 60 municipalities around the country with an area of ​​around 11,000 hectares of production, which allows the generation of more than 75,000 jobs a year."

 Effects of COVID-19

Regarding the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Engineer Curiel Mendoza comments that “the health emergency caused by COVID-19 revealed different challenges for all economic sectors, of which the agri-food industry was no exception. Among the advantages we had as a company was that the vast majority of measures suggested by national and international health authorities to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the field, were already a regular part of the health measures that we had implemented as part of safety compliance for some time. . However, we also had to implement additional sanitary measures such as the reduction of crews and the limitation of workers in transport, the temperature measurement and the mandatory use of face masks. It is also important to highlight that we have the valuable contribution of our producers, who innovated in the field to be able to take care of the health of agricultural workers, as it was through the installation of mobile sinks ”, says Engineer Curiel Mendoza.

He also adds that “within our corporate offices, we have gone through an adaptation process like everyone else, in which remote work has been implemented as a new regular policy. We have even discovered new benefits that help to bring personal balance to our people and it is part of the strategies we are working on to implement new flexible work policies when we can return in a more formal way ”.

Post-Covid 19 Business Strategies

Regarding commercial strategies in the Post-Covid 19 stage, our interviewee comments that “the consumer market has not been the exception in the changes generated by the pandemic, especially online purchases and perishables such as fruits and vegetables , have become a frequent consumption item in Mexican families seeking to have a balanced diet rich in nutrients. The commitment to increase online sales from the hand of our distributor clients is one of the clearest strategies we have in the short and medium term ”.

 "In addition to the search for the perfect flavor, our constant goal is to increase the yield per hectare, for the benefit of our producing partners and above all to maintain a sustainable and sustainable business", highlights Engineer Curiel Mendoza.


Addressing the challenges and challenges, this manager also comments that “agriculture is a constant challenge by itself, it is working hand in hand with nature and that in itself brings many variables that are sometimes unpredictable. However, one of the main challenges we face is finding better practices for sustainable agriculture, as well as continuing efforts to have packaging with less plastic. On the other hand, more than a challenge, we have the firm intention of continuing to work closely with the communities where we operate, contribute to their healthy development and really be promoters of positive changes”.

In addition, he also adds that “without a doubt the blackberry has a great success story. The growth it has had is exponential, both in terms of better taste and performance for producers, as well as consumer preference ”.

Future of Driscoll's Mexico

Regarding the future of Driscoll's Mexico, Engineer Curiel Mendoza points out that “we have observed how in recent decades the consumption of berries in Mexico has increased significantly, a trend that we hope will continue. At Driscoll's, we have the firm intention of continuing to work to be part of the development of the communities in which we operate and to which we owe ourselves, in addition to continuing to work hard to bring the freshest, most nutritious and best-tasting berries to the tables of thousands. of families ”.

In addition, this executive points out that “at Driscoll’s we have a firm commitment not only to continue growing our operations, but to make our growth a shared development that seeks the benefit of the community to which we belong ”.

International dimension

In relation to the international dimension of this company, our interviewee indicates that “although most of our berry exports have the United States as their main destination, it is interesting to note that different European and Asian nations demand Driscoll's berries for their high quality and flavor. That said, our flavor experts carry out natural improvement processes that allow satisfying the particular demands of each market, both in terms of fruit tones, sizes and even flavors, since there are nations that prefer smaller or larger fruits, some more sweet and other more acidic and even with different ripening levels”.

Likewise, he points out that "our interest is and will continue to be to offer nutritious and high-quality fruits, which also account for the best practices that take place for the production of berries in terms of the environment and the welfare of the community."

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