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Emex develops an effective and forceful plan against the fruit fly

For controlling the fruit fly plague, 2,103 'Multilure' monitoring traps have been installed in commercial orchards.


Armando Celis, President of EMEX.

In view of the appearance of erroneous and distorted information in some media regarding the measures used to control the Fruit Fly in the State of Oaxaca, the Association of Mango Exporters of Mexico (EMEX, A.C.) makes the following observations.

According to Engineer Armando Celis, President of EMEX, “the National Campaign against Fruit Flies in the state of Oaxaca began on October 26, 2020, despite the ravages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the operating figure of the state of Oaxaca, EMEX AC, hastened its efforts to anticipate the registration period for mango orchards for export, including a request to SENASICA to extend said period, from January 15, as has been done every year, to February 15, thus giving more time for producers who, due to different factors, could not register their gardens in advance ”.

"The campaign against fruit flies is being carried out according to the operations manual that the DGSV prepared, according to standard 023. It is important to highlight the support of the CESVO (State Committee for Plant Health of Oaxaca) in carrying out the aforementioned campaign. ”, Qualifies the Engineer Armando Celis.

In addition, Engineer Armando Celis adds that "today in the state of Oaxaca 11 PFA's are working, 3 authorized technicians and a coordinator for the isthmus and coast areas, where the largest number of hectares are concentrated for export to the United States. and other destinations, as of February 9 of the current year there are 11,687 registered hectares of the varieties: Ataulfo, Tommy Atkins, mostly criollos and gold ”.

Pest monitoring

Within the same context, the head of EMEX also comments that “for monitoring the fruit fly plague, 2,103“ multilure ”monitoring traps have been installed in commercial orchards, 20 bait stations per registered hectare must be installed. as mentioned in the export program ”.

Likewise, "238,000 killing traps have been installed only in the isthmus area, which are an effective measure to combat the fruit fly since they contain an attractive and selective bait for the pest".

"It is important to highlight that land applications are part of a strategy to protect organic mango plantations", says Engineer Celis.

"On the part of the cooperating figure, 4 ground sprays have been carried out focused on areas with recurrent catches of flies in commercial orchards, it is important to mention it since it is part of the integral activities for the effective fight of the plague", he states forcefully the Engineer Armando Celis.

"It is very important to underline the participation and support of SENASICA to carry out the tasks mentioned above", highlights Engineer Armando Celis.

Satellite system for trapping location

"In Oaxaca, we are using a satellite system to georeference the location of the traps, as well as obtain the results of the weekly reviews of the traps in real time," underlines the head of EMEX.

Mangoes with all the sanitary guarantees

“At EMEX we work intensely so that the mango sector has very high levels of quality, safety, plant health and food safety, which are valued and respected throughout the world. We are very proud of the impeccable work done by our producers and exporters who work hard so that consumers have the best fruit with all the sanitary guarantees ”, highlights Engineer Armando Celis.

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