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France offers tax aid to farmers who voluntarily abandon glyphosate

The European Commission has given the French Government the green light to establish this measure on French territory.



The European Commission has just accepted the French Government's proposal to set up a glyphosate tax credit from 2021 for French farmers. This specific aid scheme announced in December is therefore already fully operational and will provide long-term support to farms that voluntarily renounce glyphosate.

Presented in December 2020 by Julien DENORMANDIE, Minister of Agriculture and Food, and introduced in article 140 of the finance law for 2021, this measure grants a tax credit of a lump sum of 2,500 euros for farms that stop using glyphosate in 2021. It applies to the arable crops, arboriculture and viticulture sectors, as well as livestock farms that have a significant workshop of at least one of these crop production sectors.

The creation of value around agroecology is the condition for a lasting and sustainable transformation of our production system and requires ambitious and concrete measures. The Government therefore wishes, through this new tax credit, to support farmers who are fully committed to the agroecological transition of their production systems. Simple and easy to access, it complements the tax credits provided for organic farming and HVE certification with which it cannot be combined.

“With this latest approval by the European Commission, the glyphosate tax credit is finally confirmed and operational. I welcome the rapid implementation of this simple device to support the agroecological transition. So I invite all farmers who can to take it up!", said Julien Denormandie, French Minister of Agriculture and Food.

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