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Israel promotes green harvest in wheat and barley fields near Gaza Strip

The Israeli ministries of Agriculture, Defense, Finance and the Rami Open Area Fund aim to prevent crops from being burned in the presence of incendiary balloons at the border, for which farmers will be subsidized in advance.


Wheat crop field.

Israel will subsidize Gaza Strip farmers in advance who will harvest wheat and barley fields with up to NIS 8 million (approximately two million euros).

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Finance and the Rami Open Area Fund have made a joint decision to encourage green or early harvest, similar to the support given by the state in recent years.

As part of the measure, farmers with land close to the Gaza Strip border will be supported to harvest hay and pickle grain while the field is still green, before the usual seed harvest season.

The purpose of the aid is to minimize the possibility of fires that can be caused by incendiary balloons. The budget allocation for the support should result in most of the wheat and barley being cut green or semi-green, before they dry out, to avoid the possibility of burning.

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