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Portugal is in a "privileged position" to lead the transformation of the bioeconomy in Europe, according to a report

The Bio-based Industries Consortium, leading industrial association in bioeconomy in Europe, explains the opportunities of Portugal to achieve a sustainable transformation through the agri-food and forestry sector, among others.


Cover of the BIC report.

The Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC), Europeís leading industry association putting circularity, innovation and sustainability at the heart of the European bioeconomy, has published a report mapping the opportunities for a green and sustainable transformation in Portugal.
This in-depth exploration of Portugalís agri-food, forestry, marine (algae, aquaculture and fisheries) and green chemicals sectors as well as the food and beverages and pulp, paper and wood industries has revealed Portugalís potential to become Europeís Green Deal champion. Portugalís growing bioeconomy sector already contributes almost 20 bnÄ to its economy and the BIC report identifies new opportunities to fast-track green economic growth.
ďThe sustainable bioeconomy is taking on an increasingly crucial role in Portuguese and European society. Now is the time to realise the benefits of this model and identify the best opportunities and solutions to support companies in creating more sustainable products and servicesĒ, says Jo„o Pedro Matos Fernandes, Portugalís Minister for the Environment and Climate Action. 
While Portugal will soon finalise its first-ever national bioeconomy strategy, the BIC report highlights Portugalís robust innovation ecosystem and applauds the countryís rising influence as a biotech leader, its thriving marine sector and the significant opportunities to create value from resources and organic waste.

The Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) is the private partner in the Ä3.7 billion public-private partnership with the EU - the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU). Its membership includes 240+ industry members covering the whole value chain, from primary production to the market, across multiple and diverse sectors including agriculture & agri-food, aquaculture & marine, chemicals and materials, including bioplastics, forestry and pulp & paper, market sectors, technology providers and waste management & treatment. This latest report on Portugal is an update of a previous version published by BIC in 2018. BIC will also publish additional country reports for Poland and Romania in 2021.

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