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Prickly pear production grows in Mexico in 2020, to exceed 470,000 tons

This fruit is grown in 16 states of the Mexican Republic, which involve an area of 45,140 hectares, according to figures from the Agri-Food and Fisheries Information Service (SIAP).


Mexican prickly pear producer.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Mexico announced that the supply of prickly pear is guaranteed for this season in the country, whose production mainly takes place from July to September and that in 2020 it registered a volume of 471,427 tons, an increase of 0, 7 percent compared to the 468,100 tons of the previous year.

Based on figures from the Agrifood and Fisheries Information Service (SIAP), the federal agency detailed that this fruit is grown in 16 states in the Republic, which involve a surface area of ​​43,393 hectares.

The entities that stand out for their production are: State of Mexico, with 175,629 tons; Puebla, 122,025 tons, and Zacatecas, 102,222 tons. 97.3 percent of national production takes place in the temporary modality, he noted.

In 2019, Mexico exported 17,311 tons of prickly pear and xoconostle, worth $ 9,938,582, to countries such as the United States, Chile, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, France, Japan and the United Kingdom. In 2020, 22,793 tons were sold abroad for 13,094,900 dollars.

Agriculture highlighted that the genetic richness of the cactus allows the obtaining of prickly pears with a diversity of shades: green, yellow, white. The varieties produced in the country are alfajayucan, yellow, burrón white, crystalline white, criolla, pico chulo, red and xoconoxtle.

This fruit is consumed fresh, but when it ripens it is industrialized into juices, jams, fruits in syrup and liqueurs, among others, and the green fruits (two months old) are used to make fruit polished in syrup, the agency pointed out.

Derived from the seven states that produce in irrigation mode, the prickly pear can be found in the national market throughout the year, he said.

This fruit provides vitamins, minerals and proteins, it is juicy, healthy and with excellent properties for digestion due to the high fiber contained in its seeds.

However, it is also a natural remedy to treat stomach illnesses and colds and also, thanks to recent research, new medicinal uses for cactus are suggested, mainly in the treatment of diabetes.

The effectiveness of prickly pear in lowering blood sugar lies in its ability to metabolize.

Research indicates that nopal can increase the cellular capacity to use insulin, offering healthy benefits to diabetic people, as well as those with excess cholesterol.

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