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Seipasa obtains in Portugal the label extension of the bioinsecticide Pirecris for Drosophila control in berries

The new certification is added to the registry that the product already has in this country for aphids, whiteflies and leafhoppers control, such as the green mosquito, in a wide variety of crops.


Pirecris image.

Seipasa, a Spanish company specialized in the development and formulation of bioinsecticides, biofungicides and biostimulants for agriculture, has obtained the extension of the phytosanitary registry of the Pirecris bioinsecticide in Portugal.

The new certification applies to the control of Drosophila suzukii, commonly known as the spotted wing fly, in red fruits and is added to the registry that the product already has in this country for aphids, whiteflies and leafhoppers control such as the green mosquito in a wide variety of crops.

Pirecris is a bioinsecticide designed from an exclusive formulation thanks to the perfect balance of the PI and PII molecules that make up the active substance, and which provide maximum insecticidal efficacy both in the open field and in the greenhouse.

The micromolecules that make up its formulation condense and generate a stable and balanced network throughout the solution. They provide an insecticidal effect that works by blocking the respiratory system on eggs and larvae, and they provide perfect coverage on the leaf and the insect.

In addition to Portugal, Pirecris is registered in Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Mexico and Morocco, among other countries.

Pepe Martínez, director of Seipasa's business unit in Europe, celebrated the expansion of the product's label and referred to the effectiveness and solvency of the product for the control and elimination of pests.

“Drosophila suzukii is a pest that has spread rapidly throughout most European countries. It causes significant losses in the harvest and is especially harmful in crops such as berries. I think that I am not mistaken if I affirm that Pirecris is the solution that berry producers were waiting for to control this pest ”, stated Martínez.

Experience and effectiveness in pest control

The director of the Seipasa business unit in Europe has ensured that, with this new expansion of the Pirecris label in Portugal, Seipasa offers berry producers a highly effective solution against one of the pests that represents the greatest threat. for crops.

“Pirecris has the seal of Seipasa's Natural Technology, with an exclusive and innovative formulation that allows the product to respond in all the scenarios in which it is applied with very high efficiency and high precision in pest control. Furthermore, Pirecris degrades rapidly and has a short safety term. It is ideal - Martínez added - for use in integrated pest management programs and organic production systems”.

The director of the Seipasa business unit in Europe has highlighted the wide international background of the product, with phytosanitary registration in 8 countries, and has advanced a new extension of the label that will arrive in the coming months for crops with high added value in markets strategies of Europe.

“Pirecris is a product in continuous improvement that grows from its own development. Having a phytosanitary registry in agricultural systems in different countries of the world, with very different climatic and environmental conditions in some cases, provides great experience and knowledge that helps us improve Pirecris as an effective and precise solution ”, Martínez concluded.


Seipasa is a pioneering Spanish company in biotechnology applied to agriculture. Designs, registers and markets solutions of botanical and microbiological origin for the protection, biostimulation and nutrition of crops at a global level.

The company was born in 1998 from the business vision of anticipating the change and transformation that the agricultural industry is experiencing today. 23 years later, Seipasa has promoted the Natural Technology model from which it develops solutions of high technological value, aligned with sustainability and that are applied in the most demanding agriculture on the planet. Its products are exported to 25 countries around the world.

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