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The first crowdfunding platform dedicated to financing European agriculture launched

The LendSecured platform will facilitate the process of financing investments in the agricultural sector, increasing the opportunities for growth.


Nikita Goncars and Edgars Talums, founders of LendSecured.

LendSecured has launched the first crowdfunding platform that helps European farmers obtain financing and uses grain as collateral. It addresses the lack of financing of 9,000 million in the agricultural sector, which affects the financing of rural Europe and and stimulates its growth.

Farmers in rural Europe, especially in countries such as Hungary, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Spain, find it difficult to raise the working capital needed to finance pre-harvest contracting and purchase machinery necessary, which paralyzes regional and national growth.

According to a survey carried out by the European Investment Bank and the Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development (DG AGRI):
12.2% of farmers stated that access to investment financing was difficult the previous year and 10.4% had difficulties accessing working capital financing.
10% of those surveyed agree that the main reason why they do not request bank financing is fear of rejection.
10% of bank financing applications rejected were due to livestock or other movable property on the farm not being accepted as collateral.
The LendSecured platform will facilitate the process of financing investments in the agricultural sector, increasing growth opportunities in emerging Europe. The idea is simple: at the beginning of each season, farmers need working capital to buy fertilizers, pay wages, or fix machinery. To do this, they take out loans and then pay them back at the end of the season when they sell their harvest.

For investors, the platform allows them to diversify their portfolios, support the development of rural Europe, and even choose to help between organic or non-organic farmers.

'By increasing access to funds for the rural area of ​​the EU, we drive innovation and create more dignified working conditions. At the same time, we provide investors with a diversified portfolio, which also turns out to be a great alternative to short-term loans. Investing in projects that also have added value for the EU economy brings together the ethics of responsible investment and mutual benefit, which we believe is the future of investment. In fact, it is in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, ”explains Nikita Goncars, co-founder of LendSecured.

The team behind LendSecured has over 12 years of experience as a financial services provider and has developed the platform with security and transparency in mind. Therefore, no funding remains in the accounts of LendSecured, but in the accounts of the BNP Paribas bank through our partners LemonWay. The platform is waiting to obtain the EU crowdfunding license that was presented in November 2020. Furthermore, it complies with anti-money laundering legislation and only accepts payments from countries in the SEPA area.


LendSecured is part of a group of companies working at the intersection of real estate, mortgage lending and construction, founded by Nikita Goncars and Edgars Talums more than 10 years ago. Its projects have generated a return of more than 10% for its investors, and the development of LendSecured will provide equally profitable investment opportunities to the public.

Diagram about how works LendSecured platform.

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