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Top Seeds International launches Fanello, its first mini-plum tomato

The international company presents its new Fanello mini-plum tomato: great sweetness in a small fruit.


Fanello, the first mini-plum tomato from Top Seeds International.

Top Seeds International, the global horticultural seed company specialized in the research, production and commercialization of innovative hybrid varieties of high quality vegetables, brings to the market its first mini-plum tomato, Fanello, the result of more than four years of research in its Italian department.

In addition to having good yield, quality and aesthetic characteristics of the fruits to be competitive in the market, TSI has worked especially on the flavor to make this variety that has been cultivated so far in Sicily and is currently launching. “Not surprisingly, the mini-plum tomato market is distinguished by the great attention paid to flavor, and the Fanello not only perfectly meets these demands but also raises the bar. Indeed, Fanello is characterized by a marked sweetness that reaches 11 degrees Brix, one of the highest values ​​of the category on the market ”, comments Fabrizio Iurato, product developer and sales representative of TSI Italia, commercial subsidiary from Top Seeds International.
It is shaped like a real mini-plum, reminiscent of the shape of a date - hence its name - and is characterized by a deep and bright red color, with obvious green areas, and by the absence of a fenugreek odor. Among other characteristics, the Fanello has a reduced level of dropping, so the bunch is compact, with fruits that remain firmly attached to the stem. This helps to maintain its freshness, even from the point of appearance: the Fanello has a long shelf life that translates into a prolonged turgor of the fruits.

From an agronomic point of view, the Fanello is especially versatile, since it can be transplanted in various seasons of the year, from September to May, with the harvest from November to August. After experimentation in Sicily, Fanello has started to be cultivated in central Italy from February-March this year.

"Fanello is the name of a neighborhood in Vittoria (Ragusa) where the fruit and vegetable market takes place," explains Rosario Privitera, area manager for south-central Italy. "With this name we wanted to pay tribute to Sicily and the native territory of this tomato to enhance it throughout the world."

Top Seeds International is an international company specialized in the research and commercialization of innovative, high-quality hybrid varieties of vegetables. Born in Israel in 2003, it operates throughout the world through companies located in Spain, Italy and Mexico. Top Seeds International since May 2017 belongs to the group Mitsui & Co Ltd.
The objective of the company is to guarantee high yields and fruits of exceptional flavor through the selection of varieties with a wide range of genetic resistance. Thanks to the studies carried out in the field, day after day, geneticists, agronomists and technicians select the best varieties to achieve resilient and profitable solutions for numerous species, among which are the tomato, pepper, cucumber, eggplant, melon and watermelon. To respond to all kinds of needs, the company offers its clients the establishment of collaborative relationships in the development of varieties and innovative concepts.

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