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BerryWorld South Africa, optimistic about a successful campaign

The leading soft fruit supplier is positive at the start of the South African blueberry campaign and expects volumes to increase by 15% year-on-year.


MBO blueberry variety, from BerryWorld South Africa.

As volumes from the southern hemisphere, coming from South Africa and Zimbabwe, increase, the outlook is good for the 2022-23 season.

“It is still early days, but we are optimistic about the potential ahead and expect a 15% increase in production compared to last year. We are growing with our existing client base, while continuing to explore expansion opportunities in different market segments to give our growers exposure to a good mix of orders globally,” says Jason Richardson, Managing Director of BerryWorld South Africa.

Founded in 1993, BerryWorld South Africa has become the country's largest blueberry exporter with growing zones with different chill hours in South Africa and Zimbabwe to ensure an earlier start and a longer season.

Following the success of the first MBO releases launched on the market for the first time in 2017, the BerryWorld team has focused on expanding its premium varietal offering, with the aim of optimizing premium quality lines with top-tier international supermarkets, fostering shopper loyalty and boosting consumption.

“In our 25-year history in soft fruit, flavor has always played a key role in driving purchase and long-term industry growth, which is why we have focused on premium, award-winning genetics to offer varieties of the highest quality sustainably every day of the year,” says Adrian Olins, Divisional CEO of BerryWorld Group.

One of the standout blueberry varieties is BerryWorld Eureka Sunrise, selected by world-renowned breeder Ridley Bell in 2014 for its early growth, high yield and unique flavor, set to see 85% year-over-year growth this season, shows an appetite for premium varieties.

Given the challenges facing the fresh produce industry globally, the BerryWorld South Africa team is employing various strategies to ensure it is a successful season.

“We have information and supply systems in place to help deal with the rigor of today's logistics landscape. At the same time, we are working to reduce complexity in the supply chain in order to serve customers well and deliver a high-quality product that exceeds customer expectations,” continues Richardson.

BerryWorld is confident that its strong supply of blueberries from South Africa and Zimbabwe, as well as its unique varietal offering and market expertise, will continue to drive demand for berries throughout the year.

BerryWorld South Africa blueberry crop field.

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