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Maizar makes itself available to the Argentine Government to increase the production of corn bioethanol

The Argentine maize and sorghum association welcomes the Argentine government's review of its current biofuel policy in light of the diesel shortage, which is complicating and making farm work and food supply more expensive.


Corn harvesting.

The critical shortage of diesel that is complicating and making farm work, cargo transportation and food supply more expensive in Argentina has brought to the fore the crucial role of biofuels, a role that Maizar has been defending since its foundation, some time ago. nearly two decades.

Argentina is no longer a self-sufficient producer of fossil fuels, and allocates billions of dollars, which it does not have left over, to import them. At the same time, since the Biofuels Law 26093 was enacted in 2006, the bioagroindustrial chain that we usually call "the field" launched large investments and began to produce biodiesel from soybeans, which is mixed with diesel, and bioethanol from corn. and sugar cane, which is mixed with gasoline, to make both fuels “greener”.

In addition to the environmental improvement that implies reducing the extraction and burning of fossil fuels, and the value and employment that the industrialization of our crops adds, biofuels provide greater geopolitical independence, an aspect that is more evident in crises, such as the that caused the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Today, more than 75% of Argentine corn is exported as grain: only 1.75 million tons of grain are used for bioethanol, while more than 40 million tons are sent abroad unprocessed. The current law only allows gasoline to contain 12% bioethanol, when it could go progressively to a cut of 27%, and even to one of 85% with some small adjustments in the engines, something in which the province of Córdoba is kicking off. There is a lot of land to grow with this biofuel, which also has such a low environmental footprint that the demanding EU market buys it from us.

From Maizar, they celebrate that the Government is reviewing the law that last year reduced the proportion of biodiesel in diesel, and they make themselves available so that this review exceeds the situation of scarcity, and points to a structural perspective, which encourages the addition of value and local employment and is in line with the international environmental agreements signed regarding climate change.

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