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New eco-sustainable plant for mixing phytosanitary products and washing agricultural vehicles

Each pitch is equipped with a water loading point for the preparation and mixing of plant protection products.


The washing system has a strategic value to ensure sustainable management of defense a

In a week characterized by multiple echoes on the theme of sustainability, a concrete proposal comes from Trentino Alto Adige where, in the Can di Mezzocorona area, the Trentino di Bonifica Consortium has inaugurated a new plant for mixing and washing agricultural vehicles, capable of to purify and reuse 95% of the water used, while a minimum fraction of 5% is stored in special underground tanks, from which it will subsequently be withdrawn and sent to specialized disposal centers : this was announced by the National Association of Consortia for the Management and Protection of the Territory and Irrigation Waters.

As for the positive effects and externalities guaranteed by the new plant, the safety of the washing processes of agricultural vehicles and the preparation of phytosanitary interventions must be highlighted, with important benefits on the relationship between agriculture, citizenship and the environment.

The new washing system has a strategic value to ensure sustainable management of defense activities in agriculture. For this reason - announces the President of the consortium, Luigi Stefani - the construction of other centers of this type is planned along the entire span of the Adige river. "

The service is available to all taxpayers of the Consorzio Trentino di Bonifica, operating within a radius of 4 kilometers around the new structure, corresponding to approximately 1.000 hectares of land: farmers will be able to access the plant, 24 hours a day, through a badges for washing vehicles used in phytosanitary interventions, using the "closed circuit" cleaning service. The structure consists of two washing stations, covered and equipped with high pressure lances, brushes connected to a rotating arm for cleaning the vehicles, a technical room.

Each pitch is also equipped with a water loading point, adjustable and flexible, for the preparation and mixing of plant protection products with the possibility, in case of spills, to convey them to the purifier in absolute safety.

The construction of the washing for agricultural vehicles involved a total cost of 555,900 euros partially covered (200,000 euros) by funds from the P.S.R. (Rural Development Plan), managed through the G.A.L. (Local Action Group), while the remainder was fully covered by the consortium through its own funds.

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