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Successful extension workshop for quality export mangoes in northern Sinaloa, Mexico

This event, organized by the Association of Mango Producers of Northern Sinaloa and the National Mango Board, has joined more than 130 people between producers, packers and engineers.


Group of participants in the Extension Workshop on Mangoes for Export from North Sinaloa.

The city of Los Mochis, in the north of Sinaloa (Mexico), has become the mango capital due to the celebration of a successful Extension Workshop on Quality Export Mangoes, organized by the Mango Producers Association of the North of Sinaloa and the National Mango Board.

As explained by Dr. Leonardo Ortega, Research Director of the National Mango Board, "after two years of not holding an extension workshop in person, we are here in northern Sinaloa with a group of well-known experts and researchers, the which are talking about very specific issues, and that apply to this area where we are. We work very closely with the association MANGOZ (Association of Producers and Exporters of Mangoes from Northern Sinaloa), with its President, Daniel Ibarrra, and its Executive Director, Norberto Mejía, to select the specific issues that meet, let's say , with the needs of the region. For this reason, we have made an agenda with some very specific topics that are highly applicable to producers in this area”.

In addition, he adds that "we have Dr. Noris Ledesma talking about varieties, Dr. Hilda talking about mango pruning and flowering, Dr. Rafael Gómez from INIFAP talking about pest and disease management, specifically witch's broom, anthracnose and Trip management, we also have a consultant with a lot of experience in the region, Engineer Florentino Valdés, who has given a talk on mango management and the environmental effect on mango production in the area, as well as a presentation by Vladimir Mitton, our Research Manager on the safety and sustainability tools that the National Mango Board has developed for the mango industry, as well as Dr. Sergio Negro Montenegro, who tells us about the SMETA tools that the NMB has created, and about the safety culture in the mango industry, giving an update on the new FDA (Food and Drug Administration) water law in the United States.”

Enriching and constructive day

Within the same context, Dr. Leonardo Ortega has also stressed that "this conference has undoubtedly had an enriching and constructive nature, and we are happy with the result obtained in it, as well as the attendees have also shown their satisfaction with the same”

Massive fair "Qué Manganazo"

This event has contacted the participation of more than 130 people including producers, packers, engineers, etc., who have also participated in the "Qué Manganazo" Mango Fair, which has been remarkably successful, and has promoted mangoes in the north of Sinaloa, with tastings, presentations and making this fruit known among those attending this massive fair, also held in Los Mochis.

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