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Israel intercepts a cargo of 5.5 tons of smuggled aubergines and courgettes from Gaza
Agricultural products from Gaza do not pass sanitary controls, with the consequent phytosanitary and public health risk.

Smuggled aubergines and courgettes.

The inspectors of the Central Investigation and Application Unit of the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture prevented an attempt to smuggle 5.5 tons of aubergines and zucchini from Gaza to Israel, and the suspect was transferred for questioning, the truck was confiscated and the product was transferred for destruction.

According to the Law of Commercialization of Agricultural Products, there are several minimum conditions for the entry of agricultural products in Israel, which include: the duty to move the goods in places regulated by law; Microbiological waste and pesticide residues are analyzed to ensure that the product has been irrigated with adequate water and treated with authorized materials. Therefore, agricultural products without control represent a danger to the health of the public, on the one hand, and on the other, can lead to the introduction of pests and diseases, which can destroy many agricultural crops.

"Ministry inspectors are working to ensure that the source of the fruits and vegetables sold in Israel is monitored and tested, and we will continue to act consistently to prevent these attempts, which can affect both public and plant health," said Roy. Kliiger, director of the Central Unit of Execution and Investigations of the Ministry of Agriculture.

At a meeting of the Ministry of Agriculture, it was agreed that wholesalers who buy this product will be invited to a hearing, before revoking the license to market vegetables, since wholesalers know that products exported from Gaza have not been submitted to the necessary inspections, and that no product from Gaza should be commercialized.

Intercepted cargo.

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