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Rape Growing

Rape is a cruciferous plant with pivot and profound root. When its main root encounters obstacles to deepen, it is capable of developing secondary roots.


Triticale Growing

Triticale is a cereal, a product of crossbreeding between wheat and rye. Its name is formed from Triticum (wheat) and Secale (rye).


Flax Growing

Flax belongs to the family Linaceae. It is herbaceous and annual species. Its roots are shorts and its stems have a maximum length of one meter. It has narrow and entire leaves. Its solitary terminal flowers are…


Poinsettia Growing

Poinsettia is a shrubby plant that is very common to confuse its bracts with its leaves. The bracts are brightly coloured and developed at the end of the branches surrounding the inflorescences.


Pomegranate Growing

The origin of the pomegranate extends from the Balkans to the Himalayas; it is considered as one of the most cultivated fruit trees since ancient times so there is a great genetic diversity.


Syngonium Growing

The Syngonium belongs to the family of the Araceae and comes from Central and South America, where it grows in the rainforests, climbing on trees or rocks.


Cyclamen growing

Cyclamen, also called Persian violet, is one of the most popular winter flowering plants in Europe due to its particular beauty.


Ficus growing

It is one of the most widely used in ornamental horticulture, ranking first in sales probably due to its adaptability and easy cultivation.


Tomato growing

Tomato is the most common vegetable in the world and has the highest economic value. Its demand is continuously growing and with it, its growing, production and trade.


Asparagus Growing

In the plant of the asparagus, we have to differentiate an underground part and an over-ground part.


Aphelandra Growing

The aphelandra is native to tropical regions of the Americas and its name comes from two Greek words which mean sessile and masculine, thus making reference to the botanical characteristics of the flowers.


Coleus Growing

There are a great number of varieties, obtained by hybridization of different species, which are grouped by appearance, size and shape of the leaves, colour, etc.


Bean Growing

Bean growing for grains is considered as an extensive field crop, while green bean is distinctly considered as horticulture.

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