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Vegetable Health -
Why are weeds so competitive with crops?
Weeds can grow in inhospitable places, have greater resistances than other plants and sophisticated reproduction and dispersion systems.

Acknowledgment -
AGCO’s Jackson Operations Manufacturing Center Named 2017 IndustryWeek Best Plants Winner
Lean Initiatives, Mixed Model Manufacturing and Glass Technology Leads to Greater Quality, Efficiency for Farm Equipment Manufacturer.

Awards -
ICAA and ASA name Harold Watters as International Certified Crop Adviser of the Year
This award recognizes “best of boots on the ground” in agriculture.

Grants -
USA launches a cost share payment program for cotton farmers to boost the national market
US cotton producers face high costs of inputs and infrastructure that slow their growth capacity.

Normative -
Romania begins the process for the recognition of economic operators of sugar production
Sugar beet growers may benefit from subsidies if they are linked to a recognized sugar factory.

Brexit -
United Kingdom consults its agricultural sector about the future English agrarian policy
This consultation will last 10 weeks and will shape a series of measures that will be applied 50 years after the Brexit.




Spanish Fruit & Vegetable markets



Rape Growing

Rape is a cruciferous plant with pivot and profound root. When its main root encounters obstacles to deepen, it is capable of developing secondary roots.


Triticale Growing

Triticale is a cereal, a product of crossbreeding between wheat and rye. Its name is formed from Triticum (wheat) and Secale (rye).


Flax Growing

Flax belongs to the family Linaceae. It is herbaceous and annual species. Its roots are shorts and its stems have a maximum length of one meter. It has narrow and entire leaves. Its solitary terminal flowers are…


Poinsettia Growing

Poinsettia is a shrubby plant that is very common to confuse its bracts with its leaves. The bracts are brightly coloured and developed at the end of the branches surrounding the inflorescences.


Pomegranate Growing

The origin of the pomegranate extends from the Balkans to the Himalayas; it is considered as one of the most cultivated fruit trees since ancient times so there is a great genetic diversity.

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