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Vegetable Nutrition -
How do soil microbes influence nutrient availability?
Soil microbes play a vital role in the sustained growth of plants, decomposing, transforming and recycling nutrients located on it.

Seeds -
Mission to unlock potential of genetic resources, shared at World Seed Congress
More than 1200 delegates from 64 countries will discuss, debate and collaborate on the opportunities and challenges facing the seed industry.

Sustaintability -
Germany's best organic farms wanted by the Federal Organic Farming Competition 2019
All companies that have been certified for organic farming in accordance with EU legislation for at least two years are eligible to participate.

Austria sees opportunities for negotiation in the new architecture of the CAP presented by the EC
The Austrian Minister of Agriculture considers the gradual reduction of aid to large farms to be positive.

Reactions -
Denmark: The EU's agricultural policy must be competitive, simple and greener
Danish Environment and Food Minister considers there is room for improvement in the proposal for a new agricultural policy.

Training -
Bayer launches online training in good agricultural practices
This online course helps farmers comply with international standards on Good Agricultural Practices.




Spanish Fruit & Vegetable markets



Rape Growing

Rape is a cruciferous plant with pivot and profound root. When its main root encounters obstacles to deepen, it is capable of developing secondary roots.


Triticale Growing

Triticale is a cereal, a product of crossbreeding between wheat and rye. Its name is formed from Triticum (wheat) and Secale (rye).


Flax Growing

Flax belongs to the family Linaceae. It is herbaceous and annual species. Its roots are shorts and its stems have a maximum length of one meter. It has narrow and entire leaves. Its solitary terminal flowers are…


Poinsettia Growing

Poinsettia is a shrubby plant that is very common to confuse its bracts with its leaves. The bracts are brightly coloured and developed at the end of the branches surrounding the inflorescences.


Pomegranate Growing

The origin of the pomegranate extends from the Balkans to the Himalayas; it is considered as one of the most cultivated fruit trees since ancient times so there is a great genetic diversity.

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