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Argentina fulfilled 85% of the sugar quota to the United States in the first month of validity

37,121.49 tons were exported for a FOB value of 17,519,911.63 dollars, with a high degree of compliance and generating foreign exchange, employment and the sustainability of regional economies.


Sugarcane harvesting, in Argentina.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Nation of Argentina reports that compliance with the crude sugar quota for the United States reached 85%, during the first month of validity. According to the data released by the Undersecretariat of Agricultural Markets, 37,121.49 tons were exported in October, of the 43,243.36 tons assigned to our country. In this sense, external sales accumulated an FOB value of 17,519,911.63 dollars.

In this regard, Undersecretary Javier Preciado Patiņo stated that "the high degree of compliance with this quota reflects the export vocation of the sugar cane industry, as well as the commitment of the Argentine government to sustain the dynamism of exports. And , consequently the generation of foreign exchange, employment and the maintenance of regional economies, an essential aspect in the framework of a federal country project ".

"On the other hand, this compliance positions Argentina in a very favorable way in the face of an eventual increase in the quota," emphasized Preciado Patiņo. It should be remembered that the raw sugar quota destined for the United States is an annual tariff quota, which the Department of Agriculture of that country granted to Argentina, and that certification is necessary for the export of said merchandise.

The agreement contemplates the commercialization of 45,281 tons, which after deducting the polarization margin, the quota comprises the amount of 43,243.36 tons. The access conditions for it are regulated by Resolution 33/2019 of the national agricultural portfolio.

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