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Organic farmers launch awareness campaign 'Switzerland without synthetic pesticides'

The initiative aims to raise awareness in Swiss society about one of the major concerns of the members of the Bio Suisse organization.


Campaign image.

Bio Suisse discussed the two upcoming agricultural policy referenda at today's delegates' meeting (DV). The delegates say yes to the “Switzerland without synthetic pesticides” initiative. The version of the slogan for the drinking water initiative was postponed to the DV in April 2021. The Association of Swiss Organic Farmers supports the implementation of one of its central concerns at the national level and with this vote takes the whole of society accountable.

The use of synthetic chemical pesticides in organic farming has been prohibited according to Bio Suisse guidelines since it was founded almost 40 years ago. The “Switzerland without synthetic pesticides” initiative therefore takes up a central concern and found corresponding broad support within the association. The no-slogan proposed by the board to the drinking water initiative, however, did not find a majority in the assembly of delegates. Instead, the delegates decided to postpone the slogan version to the next meeting in April 2021.

"The sympathy that organic farmers feel for the initiative today shows that not everything has been said about agricultural policy. I also understand the vote as an appeal to the members of Parliament in Bern: take responsibility. Unblock the agricultural policy and join the debate on AP22 ", explains Bio Suisse President Urs Brändli the decision of his delegates. The proposed reduction paths for pesticides and nutrient surpluses should be courageously pursued. If not, the electorate could speak a word of power in June, Brändli looks ahead.

It is clear to Swiss organic farmers that organic farming is part of the solution for the current pressing problems with loss of biodiversity and pollution of the environment due to the use of synthetic chemical pesticides. For 40 years she has been showing how agricultural production can succeed in harmony with nature. Consumers can improve things even before the voting on June 21, 2021 - by reaching for organic products on the shelf.

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