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Philippines boosts its coconut industry with the implementation of a regional office in Luzon

The Philippine Coconut Authority plans to develop a comprehensive plan to promote this crop as an important economic industry.


The regional manager of the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA), Dennis Andrés.

The Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) aims to boost the coconut industry with the establishment of a regional office in this city that will cover four regions in northern Luzon.

Regional Manager Dennis Andrés said that the regional office will cover the Administrative Region of Cordillera (CAR) and Regions 1 (Ilocos), 2 (Valle de Cagayán) and 3 (Central Luzon), which aims to promote the planting of coconuts and also promote it as an important and valuable economic industry that will address food safety.

"It's a good goal for us to be able to base our PCA between our coconut growers and anyone interested in planting coconuts," Andres said in his speech Tuesday during the National Coconut Month celebration program.

Andrés noted that many Pangasinese and Ilocanos sell coconut but import it from as far away as Bicol, Aurora and Quezon province and this is a situation that PCA would like to address.

In Pangasinan, the main sources of coconut are the towns of Bolinao, Anda and Aguilar.

However, the supply is low and could only satisfy a fraction of the demand.

"Why bring from outside our region if we can plant good varieties of coconut here?" he explained.

Andrés added that PCA is also in talks with the provincial government and local government units to draw up a comprehensive plan for the development of the coconut industry in the province.

For his part, the mayor of Santa Barbara, Joel De los Santos, thanked the institutions used by the government to help the life and livelihood of his people and his fellow provinces at this time of pandemic.

"Let's not get tired of cultivating because it will help us all a lot," said De los Santos.

Part of the Coconut Month celebration is the staging of the "Kadiwa ni Ani en Kita", which aims to show people that through planting coconut, they can obtain 1,001 products.

Meanwhile, PCA also held a virtual forum on Thursday for all stakeholders in Northern Luzon, where opportunities and direction setting for the coconut industry were discussed.

PCA Administrator Benjamin Madrigal said that in addition to increasing the income of coconut farmers in the region, the production of coconut-based products, such as virgin coconut oil and coconut ethyl alcohol, would complement the fight. continues against coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

"Coconut ethyl alcohol has an immune-boosting capacity, as the virus dies because lauric acid destroys its lipid membrane," Madrigal said in the virtual forum.

He urged the stakeholders in attendance to increase people's awareness and appreciation for the promising contribution of the coconut industry to the country's economy and people's well-being.

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