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Absolut, the adjuvant from Laboratorios Peyte that seeks to conquer the premium segment of phytosanitary products

Adjuvants, which in Argentina move about 80 million dollars annually, allow the phytosanitary products to be more effective in the control of weeds, insects or diseases.


Absolut, adjuvant for phytosanitary products from Laboratorios Peyte.

On the verge of reaching four decades of life, Laboratorios Peyte SA launched the Absolut adjuvant, named after the multiple benefits it offers thanks to a sophisticated technology that required four years of development. Now, this Argentine company, which already occupies a place on the podium of the leaders in these products, will also compete in the premium segment, which is increasingly in demand.

The adjuvants, which in Argentina move about 80 million dollars annually, allow the phytosanitary products to be more effective in the control of weeds, insects or diseases.

The advantage of Absolut is that its state-of-the-art technology significantly optimizes the effectiveness of pesticides using minimal doses, by improving their penetration, adherence and persistence on the leaves, and reducing evaporation during application. At the same time, being a microemulsion, it facilitates the handling and application of the products, and its formulation allows to neutralize the problems of the quality of the water to be used with an efficient cation scavenger. In addition, it is a Green Band product (Class IV) and does not have restrictions on withdrawal times or re-entry to the batch. With this commitment to technology, Laboratorios Peyte seeks to offer high added value in one of the products that will be part of the heart of your business.

“Absolut gets where it needs to go, penetrates the weed leaf better, corrects the deficiencies of the water used avoiding the use of other products to stabilize it, makes the drops of a uniform size and thus minimizes drift, and allows a more efficient use, by achieving a superior performance with a lower consumption. And the field testing program continues, as we have detected new qualities and potential benefits, ”said Santiago Aloisi, Production Manager at Laboratorios Peyte, at the product presentation. “Premium adjuvants are more efficient in control and better in environmental and economic aspects. And Absolut, due to the quantity and intensity of its benefits, is unique in the market ”, added Fernando Illing, from the company's Technical Marketing area.

On the other hand, Daniel E. Aloisi, general manager of the company, announced that the company is carrying out an expansion of the plant, which will culminate in the first half of next year, with an investment of 2.5 million dollars. Thus, it will have new production halls to separate the different formulation processes (such as various herbicides, insecticides and adjuvants), which will allow greater production efficiency and greater safety in all processes. A new state-of-the-art fire and spill security system will also be installed. Thanks to the expansion, the offices will be moved to the industrial premises to centralize and optimize all operations, and the entire logistics area will be developed, to dispatch the merchandise in a safer and more efficient way.

Laboratorios Peyte

Laboratorios Peyte SA was founded in 1982 by the chemist and entrepreneur Enrique Aloisi and his son Daniel Hugo, with the aim of manufacturing products for the field. After going through various stages of growth, in 2009 it was established in the Venado Tuerto Industrial Park, Santa Fe province. In 2018, the factory suffered a total fire and was rebuilt in ten months. Today, on an area of ​​27,200 m2, it has a plant of 4,800 m2, which in 2022, when the investment plan of 2.5 million dollars is completed, will have eight warehouses with 8,500 m2 covered.

The company, currently managed by the third generation, Daniel Enrique and Santiago Aloisi, manufactures adjuvants, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides, as well as hygiene products and supplies for dairy and industry. All its production is endorsed by the quality management system ISO 9001 2015.

In Argentina, Laboratorios Peyte's products are marketed through a network of more than 300 distributors, and its formulations are also exported to Paraguay and Uruguay. Due to the large production capacity of its plant and its technological level, the company also formulates and divides products for national and international companies.

With ongoing investments, the company expects to increase its participation in the phytosanitary market, which mobilizes around 2,500 million dollars annually, according to estimates from the Chamber of Agricultural Health and Fertilizers (CASAFE) and the Chamber of Industry Argentina of Fertilizers and Agrochemicals (CIAFA).

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