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El Salvador announces a 'Master Rescue Plan' for agriculture to promote the country's productivity and food self-sufficiency

It is proposed as the largest government agricultural project in the country in recent decades and has the endorsement of the EU, the World Bank, CABEI, the Inter-American Development Bank, IICA and USDA.


Salvadoran crop field.

The President of the Republic of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, announced "the 'Master Plan for Agricultural Rescue' to turn El Salvador into a self-sufficient country in terms of food production"; This plan will generate more than 2 million jobs and will transform livestock and agricultural production, making it more profitable and efficient.

"After so many decades of neglect, we are going to reactivate agriculture ... Our country will sow again! With the Agricultural Rescue Master Plan we will develop our agricultural municipalities and generate two million jobs. The new Assembly will guarantee the financing and the necessary legislation for To be able to do it and with the work of everyone and the help of God, our fertile land will fill us with pride and abundance, '' the president wrote on his official Facebook account.

"We need a government that lends us a hand as farmers; thank God, a president has arrived who is supporting the farmer; it has been so long since a president has come and another has come, and no one had ever developed projects like those that Now we are seeing. Thank God that this Government always announces good plans for agriculture, because that is what we need, that they give us support. I hope that the projects that the Government is promoting become a reality, "said David Martínez, producer of basic grains of Liberty.

"Today, they are taking into account helping the peasants and farmers. We know that if we do not sow we will not eat anything, that is why agriculture is important, because the food comes from there. I feel happy with all the help, my children grow older and see prosperity, '' said Flor Alfaro, a producer of basic grains.

The actions to be carried out as part of the plan focus on three main axes:

Food sovereignty

With a trust of $ 635 million, the production of basic grains, fruits and aquaculture production will be optimized. Producers will receive technical assistance, world-class technology and loans with the best interest rates.

In addition, one of the largest cold chains in the region will be built, with the highest international standards in terms of logistics and quality. Dairy plants, slaughterhouses, seed production plants and more infrastructure will also be put into operation to allow us to gradually replace imports.

Coffee Rescue

With a trust of more than $ 637 million, El Salvador will be able to profitably produce resistant varieties of excellent quality, positioning Salvadoran coffees as the best in the world. In addition to this, loans will be provided to renovate 50,000 blocks of the coffee park and a specialized institute will be created with the best technology for production and research development.


The rural areas of the country will become modern, safe places with better living conditions. In such a way that the opportunities offered by the countryside are attractive to young people, reducing the levels of emigration and strengthening family agricultural production.

Each rural area will have more schools, clinics, police stations, fields and libraries. Internet connectivity will also be improved and access to the connection will be guaranteed for everyone.

With these three important axes, it is intended that El Salvador becomes a country full of opportunities, where people will not have the need to emigrate to the cities, because the countryside will be a place of growth, development and prosperity.

Other actions of the Plan

It is important to highlight that the Agricultural Rescue Master Plan includes short-term actions, such as the implementation of the National Agricultural Policy that seeks the agro-industrial transformation during the next decade; In addition, the creation of the Agrarian Code is projected to be able to grant property titles to so many farmers who were forgotten for many years; It will also bet on the modernization and strengthening of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and the reengineering of the state bank to further benefit the agricultural sector.

Likewise, this Plan includes other actions such as the strengthening of the rural police, the creation of the Agricultural Education and Research Complex, the delivery of agricultural supplies and technological kits; and the start-up of the home, school, and community garden program to increase the country's productive self-sufficiency.

El Salvador had never had an agricultural project of this magnitude, and that has the endorsement of international organizations such as the European Union, the World Bank, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Instituto Inter-American for the Agricultural Cooperative (IICA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

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