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El Salvador seeks foreign investment for its agricultural sector development

Salvadorean Minister of Agriculture has met with international investors willing to create jobs and improve the country's economy based on the Master Plan for Agricultural Rescue of the Ministry of Agriculture of El Salvador.


International investors in the meeting with the Salvadorean Ministry of Agriculture.

The Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Pablo Salvador Anliker, the Secretary of Trade and Investment, Miguel Kattán, and other government officials of El Salvador held a meeting with foreign businessmen in order to establish business opportunities that generate jobs and boost the economy of the country.

During the meeting, investors were able to learn about the Agricultural Rescue Master Plan, made up of three strategic axes: Food Sovereignty, Coffee Rescue and Ruralization. Given this, businessmen were interested in creating jobs in the country, since they see security and improvement in the economy.

The Minister of Agriculture revealed that among investors' bets there are innovative projects, inclined towards agribusiness. "Count on the help of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and all government institutions to make projects that benefit our producers a reality," said Minister Anliker.

After the meeting, the head of the Salvadoran Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) assured that those interested in investing in El Salvador are also committed to the environment. “We are going to bring new, modern products with green technology. We cannot afford that in such a small country we use things that are not friendly to the environment, we must be careful with the products that are used ”, concluded the official.

For his part, businessman Víctor Wilson Canessa, who has revolutionized shrimp production in Honduras and is also a coconut and soursop producer, said he was interested in replicating projects that have been successful in his country, through which they can generate more than four thousand direct jobs.

“Right now, the projects in which I am involved generate thousands of jobs; For example, the shrimp farm generates 4,200 jobs; in technical monoculture of coconut production, about a thousand jobs, and in greenhouses three thousand sources of work ”, highlighted Canessa. According to Pedro Pablo Duce, a Guatemalan businessman, among the purposes of investing in El Salvador is the development of agriculture, specifically beekeeping. “The objective is to position El Salvador as the most important and great producer of organic honey in the world. It has the special conditions to produce a multifloral honey and I am sure that it will be of interest to large honey buyers such as Germany and Spain ”, highlighted Duce.

Also present at the meeting were the Spanish representatives of the Kimitec company, who are interested in marketing their products to increase productivity and make Salvadoran farmers have the tools that allow them to grow more sustainably.

"I am surprised with what I have heard, it is the first Agricultural Rescue Plan that is designed with the strategic objectives of the Government and that has a great team that wants it to work for the well-being of Salvadorans," said Alejandro de las Casas, representative of Kimitec.

This meeting is part of the strategies of the Agricultural Rescue Master Plan, an initiative promoted by the President of the Republic Nayib Bukele.

Strategic axes of the Agricultural Rescue Master Plan
Food Sovereignty: a trust of 635 million dollars will be allocated to optimize the production of basic grains; In addition, it includes technical training and technology for farmers, access to credit with accessible interest rates, among other benefits.

Coffee Rescue: your bet is 637 million dollars, which includes credits to renew 50,000 coffee blocks and the creation of a specialized institute.

Ruralization: seeks economic development and modernization of rural areas, among other actions that benefit thousands of producers.

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