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Greece will promote rural development and social reintegration of prisoners through agricultural training

The Greek Government presented a pilot program through which prisoners will find employment opportunities in the agricultural sector for their reintegration into society, promoting the development of rural areas.


Visit of the Greek authorities to the IELYA facilities, in Chania.

"The pioneering initiative of ELGO-DIMITRA and the General Secretariat for Anti-Crime Policy of Greece is an exceptional and exemplary synergy, which justifies on the one hand the legal-political nature of our prison system and on the other the diverse social dimension of Greece," he said. the Greek Minister of Rural Development and Food, Fotini Arambatzis, at the beginning of the pilot agricultural training program for prisoners and prison employees, entitled 'Cultivation of the land, provision of life' in Agiá prison, Chania, on the island of Crete .

"For the first time, the State, through the Co-competent Ministries of Civil Protection and Rural Development and Food, creates a" hive "of contact with the knowledge, education of the prisoners and their reintegration into society once the sentence has ended. , in an attempt to break the vicious cycle of criminal and illegal behavior, which can land a prisoner in jail, "said Arambatzis.

The action was carried out within the framework of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Administration of ELGO-DIMITRA and the General Secretariat for Anti-Crime Policy at the request of the General Secretariat for Coordination of the Greek Government.

"The program uses public property (agricultural land, buildings) and highlights, in addition to the social dimension of the Penitentiary and another social dimension of Greece that:
create job opportunities
provides income to those who practice it and their families
contributes decisively to social cohesion
It is a network to curb rural desertification and a condition to address the demographic problem of the country
providing training opportunities to farmers, ranchers, fishermen and beekeepers through the programs developed by ELGO DIMITRA ”highlighted the Vice Minister.
According to the Memorandum, 50% of the production (or the equivalent in money) will be distributed to prisons, while with the completion of the Education-Employment Cycle and release from prison, prisoners will receive a relevant certificate from ELGO-DIMITRA .

"The main pillar of the Greek anti-crime policy is the fluid and lawful integration in society," said the undersecretary, adding that "the creative coverage of" dead "time in prison, with the rural training offered by this program, encourages the detainee to "a virtuous cycle of life and creation, since they feel useful and useful in society, producing products and value."

The presentation of the program was attended by the Vice Minister of Rural Development and Food, Giannis Oikonomou; the Secretary General for Anti-Crime Policy, Sofia Nikolaou; and the President and General Director of ELGO-DIMITROS, Panagiotis Hatzinikolaou, as well as the event was attended by the deputy for Chania and former minister, Dora Bakoyannis.

Later, authorities were guided by the Administration of ELGO-DIMITRA at the Institute of Olivo, Subtropical Plants and Vine (IELYA) for the investigation of new tendencies in olive trees, citrus fruits and subtropical and aromatic plants while the first visit to Agro, where the Inmates will be employed, with the aim of their experiential training in new cultural trends.

The program

The training of the prisoners will lead to the issuance of a Certificate of Training in Crop Production by ELGO-DIMITRA.

During the year, the detainees will be trained in four thematic units and will carry out their internships at the IELYA farms in Chania.

The purpose and objective is to extend the implementation of the Action for Training and Education of Prisoners and Prison Employees in all the Agricultural Detention Centers of Greece (Tirinto, Kassandreia and Kassavetia).

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