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eAgronom reaches the milestone of 1.5 million hectares promoting sustainable agriculture

Small and large farms in Europe and Africa actively benefit from the company's carbon credit program and sophisticated soil health improvement measures.


Demonstration to farmers in Estonia.

eAgronom, the agriculture and climate-focused technology company that helps farmers adopt sustainable practices for the health of their farms and the planet, has reached the important milestone of adding 1.5 million hectares of cropland to its agriculture programs. agricultural management and carbon offsetting. This achievement follows an integration effort concentrated in Spain, Poland and the Baltic countries in Europe, and in Kenya and Rwanda in Africa. In total, eAgronom has incorporated these hectares in 12 countries and in collaboration with more than 2,500 farmers.

This milestone not only indicates rapid growth for the company since its founding in 2016, but also demonstrates focused efforts to foster long-term partnerships with farmers. These farmers are active collaborators in field trials that improve eAgronom's work in developing and implementing environmentally friendly practices that in turn lead to greater benefits. The company continually adapts its compensation and integration efforts to ensure that farmers are encouraged to adopt sustainable practices that improve soil health, reduce costs and expand access to better financing options.

Global and regional climate offset goals cannot be achieved without using soil-based carbon removal. Combined with sustainable lending options, eAgronom's reliable and transparent carbon credits and soil improvement measures have a direct financial benefit for farms, whether large or small. eAgronom also provides tools – such as satellites, telematics and soil sampling – to its partner farms, who in turn report on seasonal activities through the company's software platform.

However, not all carbon programs are created equal. eAgronom's flagship Carbon program is designed to provide partner farmers with maximum transparency while helping them sequester carbon within their soil. This is achieved by following the strictest principles and methodology set out by the Verra greenhouse gas accreditation programme, which will officially verify and register eAgronom early next year.

Only companies that provide high-quality carbon credits, thus having a discernible impact in the fight against climate change, receive verification from Verra. To date, eAgronom partner farms have stored 400,000 tCO2 per year, which is approximately equivalent to the annual carbon emissions of 85,000 people. Thus, by celebrating reaching the milestone of 1.5 million hectares in relation to its Carbon Program, eAgronom has not only achieved a quantitative objective, but also a qualitative one.

According to Robin Saluoks, co-founder and CEO of eAgronom: "We have reached 1.5 million hectares, which is a significant achievement, but it is still only the first phase. We are among the largest carbon farming platforms in the world and we are determined to become the leading European solution and continue to innovate in regenerative agriculture at multiple levels. We are already reviewing our long-term growth targets, as the 2023 annual target was achieved in November. This is a huge step forward, and it is fantastic for the environment and our collective future.

eAgronom aims to reach its goal of 4.1 million hectares by 2025, at which point it will also offer a single solution across Europe and begin targeting specific regions in the east and south of the African continent.


eAgronom is an agriculture and climate-focused technology company, founded in 2016 by Robin Saluoks and Kristjan Luha, based in Tallinn, Estonia. Using real-time agrotech monitoring programs in addition to on-the-ground educational programs, eAgronom helps farmers adopt sustainable practices in a financially viable way for the well-being of their farms and the entire planet. Soil health is at the heart of eAgronom's work and is the basis of its carbon offset and insertion programs, which subsidize farms working to restore and regenerate soil, the second largest natural carbon sink on Earth. Working directly with independent farmers and major agricultural conglomerates to implement crop monitoring from the fields, automatic reports, crop and yield plans, on-farm activity scheduling and more, eAgronom has modernized hundreds of thousands of hectares in Europe and Africa.

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