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Mylord: "There is no need to import apples from the southern hemisphere when we Europeans produce all year round"

Adrien Massip, Export Sales Manager of the apple producing and marketing company Mylord, comments in Fruit Attraction on the situation of the international market and the differentiated quality of European apples.


Apples produced and marketed by Mylord.

One of the fruits that is never missing from Fruit Attraction is the apple and companies that produce and market this fruit so appreciated by European consumers. That is the case of Mylord, an apple producing company in northern France that puts 40,000 tons of apples on the market a year.

Our team at Fruit Attraction was able to speak today with Adrien Massip, Export Sales Manager of Mylord, who gave us his vision of the international apple market: "The apple market is very beautiful because there are not many apples from the southern hemisphere , from countries like Chile, Argentina and New Zealand, so it is a fairly clean market and there is a lot of demand for apples currently, so we have good prices to achieve a good start to the campaign," he explains.

Mylord has 20 apple varieties to cover the market from August to July, so Massip sees a future of the market in which "every year there will be less imports from South America, New Zealand and Australia due to transportation prices and requirements." ecological requirements that are imposed in the European Union. Furthermore, if European producers are able to produce from August to July, there is no need to import"; an issue to which is added the quality of the native apples, which, as indicated by the Export Sales Manager of Mylord, "the quality of this season is very good, we have had a good summer, with heat, but not as excessive as last year , so the quality, color and conservation of the fruits are optimal for a good campaign until July."

Differentiated quality

Mylord, along with its own brand, works with commercial brands such as Pink Lady and Jazz: "The difference between a Gala, a Granny, a Jazz or a Pink Lady is that the latter are varieties that involve marketing actions, so They are more expensive on supermarket shelves. For example, I prefer a Jazz or a Pink Lady than a Gala because of the quality and sweetness. The consumers who buy Jazz or Pink Lady are not the same ones who buy the Gala, since that there is a question of price behind it, but sales of Pink Lady grow every year," says Massip.


In addition, Mylord produces new varieties such as Kissabel: "It takes a long time to obtain a new variety of apple: between 7 and 10 years, but every year there are new varieties. For example, Kissabel, which is red inside, came out a long time ago. three years and there is an increasing volume of production of this variety in Europe," explains Adrien Massip.

Infoagro Editorial: R. G. / N. M. / Lydia Medero

Adrien Massip, Mylord Export Sales Manager.
Kissabel, innovative apple variety.
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