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Verge Ag partners with Haeusler’s, putting precision agriculture solutions in the hands of more Australian growers

Launch Pad, Path Planner and Equipment Explorer are solutions now accessible to growers through Haeusler’s dedicated digital consultant team.


Australian growers, using Verge Ag and Haeusler's solutions.

At Verge Ag, we know that optimizing your farming operations through the right technology will save you time, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. That's why we're proud to announce our partnership with Haeusler’s Group, Victoria's leading distributor of John Deere machinery and equipment, and a progressive dealer of John Deere machinery and equipment.

Launch Pad, Path Planner and Equipment Explorer are solutions now accessible to growers through Haeusler’s dedicated digital consultant team.

Jordan Lee, Production Systems (Ag Tech) Manager at Haeusler’s says the new Verge Ag offering raises the benchmark in precision path planning for Australian growers. His motto? Repair mechanically, prepare digitally.

"For broadacre growers seeking to get the most out of their machines and time in the paddock, this is the technology to look at," says Jordan.

"What we’re offering through Verge Ag is a package of tools that helps growers plan their optimal path for machinery and equipment before entering the paddock, reducing in-field decisions and eliminating guesswork. In addition, the input costs and engine hours saved through optimized route efficiencies can unlock incredible scope for enhancing your operation at large.”

"For instance, Equipment Explorer takes paddock-level data and applies it across the entire farm. This results in endless possibilities when it comes to getting the most out of a fleet," says Jordan.

“If one grower is looking to upgrade to 60–80ft, what does that mean when we go across the farm? Sowing at this speed, with the metrics we’re currently doing, it would typically take 500 hours. But with Verge Ag’s new technology, say we’re able to reduce it by 110 hours. And it doesn’t stop at the reduction of hours spent in-field. The flow-on effect means slower depreciation, reduced wear and tear on the fleet, less maintenance, and being able to set up your paddock for best fit like never before – all big ticks in our books.”

Our mission to accelerate the transition to autonomous farming means developing solutions that allow growers to be truly agile on-farm. Tools like Launch Pad™️, Path Planner and Equipment Explorer have been designed to help maximize every acre, while minimizing economic and environmental costs. With Haeusler’s sharing our commitment to innovation, this partnership will be instrumental in putting the next generation of ag tech in paddocks across North-West Victoria and Southern New South Wales.

“We’re all about continuous improvement, and we’ve always been fortunate to work with very progressive growers,” says Jordan. And for growers who might be wondering whether the Verge Ag package is right for them, Jordan notes that early adoption of tools like Launch Pad™️ can benefit operations of all sizes and stages.

"If your first thought is ‘oh, well Granddad did it this way’, we need to stop and think about why,” he says. “That was then, but we’re looking at the here and now. A lot has changed over the past few generations – and adapting to new technologies is key. Wondering whether you’re making the best decisions, or what technology’s right for your operation? When you have access to the right data, these answers become clear – and that’s where we see Verge Ag’s solutions coming in.”

Launch Pad, Path Planner and Equipment Explorer will officially roll out in the summer of 2023 to Mildura and Sea Lake, with Echuca and Shepparton to follow in early 2024.

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