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An outbreak of flying locusts on the Guatemalan volcano Las Víboras, under control

In a coordinated effort between farmers and the Ministry of Agriculture, fumigations have been carried out in an area of more than 45 hectares.


Flying locust in Guatemalan cropfield.

Protecting the agricultural heritage of small producers is the objective of the control actions carried out in response to the flying locust outbreak detected in the middle part of the Las Víboras volcano, located in the municipality of Atescatempa, Jutiapa, Guatemala.

In a coordinated effort between farmers and the Guatemalan Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food (MAGA), fumigations were carried out for 7 consecutive days in an area of 45.05 hectares.

The applications were carried out strategically starting at 6 in the morning, at which time the locust's mobility is more limited, which increases the effectiveness of the treatment.

This spraying activity, which involved a brigade of 15 people, included the application of cypermethrin 25% EC in previously identified locust foci.

Monthly monitoring of lobster populations is underway, which will allow new applications to be defined before and at the beginning of the rains, to keep populations under control.

The female of this insect lays around 120 eggs underground, in packets or spikes, held together with sticky substances. They go through 5 nymphal stages. They have a solitary phase and a migratory phase. When populations grow, they become migratory and form flocks or sleeves.

The Vice Ministry of Agricultural Health and Regulations (VISAR) through the Department of Epidemiological Surveillance and Risk Analysis is responsible for preserving the national health status through adequate epidemiological surveillance of zoonotic and quarantine-related diseases.

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