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Bionema Group launches tender for product marketing of innovative biocontrol solutions

This initiative aims to promote sustainable agricultural practices and reduce the use of pesticides.


Bionema Group's R&D.

Bionema Group is proud to announce a significant step in its commitment to promoting sustainable agricultural practices, which is why they have presented a tender opportunity for the commercialization of our cutting-edge biocontrol solutions. This initiative underscores their dedication to promoting effective and environmentally friendly pest management strategies that support both producers and the environment.

Its innovative biocontrol solutions have been developed to address the pressing challenges facing modern agriculture. Harnessing the power of natural predators, beneficial nematodes, and innovative technologies, they aim to revolutionize pest management practices, reduce the use of chemical pesticides, and ensure long-term crop health.

Bionema Group thanks the sector for its continued support and interest in its innovative biocontrol solutions and invites you to delve deeper into the extraordinary advantages of its latest innovation to experience the cutting edge of its solutions.

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