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European farmers welcome EC opting for dialogue on greenhouse emissions

Copa-Cogeca values the desire to strengthen the bioeconomy sector and the renewed interest in dialogue with farmers within the framework of strategic dialogue.



This Tuesday, the Commission announced the publication of two Communications to address the European trajectory for GHG reductions, namely: The EU 2040 Climate Target and the Industrial Carbon Management Communications. Copa and Cogeca welcome the choice of dialogue and pragmatic support, finally retained by the European Commission.

In its EU 2040 Climate Target Communication, the European Commission has taken a pragmatic approach in looking at “enabling policy conditions” that could support further GHG reduction by 2040 in the farming sector. At first glance, Copa and Cogeca welcome mainly the willingness to strengthen the bioeconomy sector and the renewed interest to talk to farmers in the framework of the strategic dialogue. The ongoing outreach will help the next Commission to table legislative proposals for the post-2030 policy framework, which will deliver the 2040 target in a fair and cost-efficient manner.

In its communication on Industrial Carbon Management, the Commission is exploring carbon pricing frameworks for hard-to-abate sectors, including agriculture. Copa and Cogeca took stock of the Commission’s proposal to set up a dedicated taskforce to develop a global approach to carbon pricing and carbon markets. 

After the European elections, the next Commission will propose a revision of the EU Climate Law to make the EU 2040 Target legally-binding. Europe's farmers, forest owners and their cooperatives expect the new Commission to support the sector in continuing to deliver concrete actions to reduce their emissions, whilst feeding a fast-growing population and providing sustainable alternative to fossil-based materials.

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