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German farmers block roads across the country because of diesel aid removing and taxes raising

The German federal government has eliminated the diesel subsidy and the vehicle exemption from the budgets for 2024, so the agricultural sector and transporters will be carrying out joint protest actions all week.


Queues of tractors and trucks blocking Berlin streets.

From yesterday until January 12, 2024, German farmers, together with the transport sector, are carrying out a week of protests through demonstrations or rallies throughout Germany due to their discontent with the federal government budget to eliminate aid on diesel and the exemption from vehicle tax, so at the national level more than 100 actions will be carried out in all federated states to warn the population and politicians about the danger posed by these cuts for the competitiveness and existence of farmers and medium-sized transport companies.

"For competitive agriculture, support for agricultural diesel and exemption from vehicle tax are essential," indicate the German Farmers' Association (DBV), which is why, together with the state associations of farmers and LsV Germany, call for the tax increases planned by the federal government for agriculture to be withdrawn.

For its part, the Federal Association for Freight Transport and Logistics (BGL, for its acronym in German), calls for the coalition's commitment to avoid the double price of CO2 in tolls plus diesel to be fulfilled; that toll harmonization programs be doubled to 900 million euros; more money for roads and bridges; parking spaces for trucks, and more financing programs for sustainable road freight transport.

In addition, a large joint demonstration is planned in Berlin on January 15.

Thus, during the first day of protests yesterday, around 100,000 tractors blocked roads throughout Germany, sending a clear message to the German federal government to withdraw its plans to increase taxes on agriculture and transport. “It has been a successful start to our week of joint action. The demonstrations proceeded in an orderly manner. This shows the commitment of our farmers. The support of a large part of the population for our cause was also visible today in the streets,” said the president of the German farmers, Joachim Rukwied.

Infoagro Editor: Lydia Medero

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