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Maxam underlined growth ambitions at LAMMA 2024 in the United Kingdom

Premieres relating to the AgriXtra, FlotXtra, AgilXtra tyre range as well as the partnership with with Kirkby Tyres in the focus at the trade fair in Birmingham.


Maxam's stand in LAMMA 2024.

At the start of the new year, global player MAXAM will once again be setting sustainable standards at the LAMMA Show 2024, the leading trade fair took place in Birmingham from January 17 to 18, 2024. The tyre manufacturer MAXAM presented its innovative tyre portfolio to the international agricultural industry, which not only meets the increasing demands of the industry, but also takes into account the profound changes in agriculture. As part of the globally active Sailun Group, global player MAXAM is relying on its extensive tyre expertise and was focused on its innovative tyre solutions for agricultural vehicles at the trade fair. Two days at the UK's leading agricultural show for the latest agricultural machinery, technology and equipment were also dedicated to MAXAM's latest range of AgriXtra, FlotXtra and AgilXtra tyres: "The new year brings with it a whole new range of opportunities to showcase our essential solutions and technologies for tractors, harvesters and seed drills to the general public, dealers and international customers. Our commitment in Birmingham was to show visitors, the industry and professionals that MAXAM tyres are leading the way in terms of quality, performance and efficiency for the growing demands in agriculture," emphasized Jeff Hughes, Sales Director Maxam Europe, at the LAMMA and added: "With our latest MAXAM tyre range, we underline our ambitions for a more efficient and productive future of agriculture, based on long-term research, expertise and the ingenuity of our engineers." At the same time, Jeff Hughes pointed out that MAXAM tyres are being used by more and more leading agricultural machinery manufacturers and that tyre wholesaler Kirkby Tyres, one of the most important players in the UK and exclusive SAILUN TBR distributor in the UK and Ireland, is making a significant contribution to this.

MAXAM and its extensive range of agricultural tyres was ready to go, when the doors of the National Exhibition Center in Birmingham opened on January 17, 2024. And Visitors, dealers, experts and trade journalists from over 50 nations could see how the MAXAM brand's innovative technologies and tyre solutions will meet the challenges of tomorrow's agricultural industry at the leading international trade fair LAMMA 2024.

The range of tyres exhibited by MAXAM in Birmingham guarantees customers and users from all over the world maximum performance when working in the forest, in the field or on the road. "Our focus is clearly on reliability, productivity and efficiency. It is our ambition that only tyres of the highest quality are used by our international customers. That is why we are working flat out to supply not only the aftermarket, but also increasingly the whole of the UK and Ireland as an OE original equipment manufacturer in the future," emphased Stephan Cimbal, Director Marketing Maxam Europe. Jeff Hughes also pointed out that the partnership with tyre wholesaler Kirkby Tyres, which was recently named "Truck & Agricultural Tyre Supplier of the Year" by the NTDA, plays a crucial role in this: "Our partner Kirkby Tyres has over 60 years of experience and knowledge in tyre distribution and supplies the largest selection and stock of truck, agricultural and industrial tyres throughout the UK and Ireland. It is therefore a matter close to our hearts to further expand and strengthen the partnership," said Jeff Hughes. With over 250,000 square meters of covered warehouse space at its recently expanded headquarters in Liverpool and additional storage facilities in Dublin, Kirkby Tyres also offers its customers a free nationwide next day delivery service. "We are therefore very much looking forward to entering into direct dialog with representatives of the international agricultural industry and international visitors to present our ambitions and growth targets in the field of agricultural applications," said Stephan Cimbal.

The MAXAM tyre range at the LAMMA Show 2024 

MAXAM FlotXtra: All-steel radial flotation equipment tyre for agricultural tankers and trailers. The belt-stabilized tread offers a long service life, high stability and high resistance to punctures and hazards in the field. The optimized non-directional block tread pattern provides excellent traction in the field while minimizing vibrations at driving speeds.

MAXAM AgriXtra XL: Large volume R1W tyres for high performance tractor applications. The high-quality 45° lug pattern provides excellent traction and minimizes vibrations when driving. The low pressure and wide footprint reduce soil compaction.

MAXAM AgriXtra N: Narrow tyre for tractors and sprayers that are exposed to high loads during operation. The high-quality 45° lug pattern provides excellent traction and minimizes vibrations when driving. The low pressure and wide footprint also reduce soil compaction.

MAXAM AgilXtra: A radial flotation tyre for agricultural tankers and trailers is ideal for mixed applications. The belt-stabilized tread offers a long service life, high stability and high resistance to punctures and hazards in the field. The optimized tread design provides excellent traction in the field and minimizes vibration at all speeds. The steel belt construction offers high puncture resistance and the self-cleaning tread pattern improves traction.

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