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Rukwied: "The fight for agricultural diesel is not over yet"

The president of the German Farmers Association (DBV) expresses his discontent with the limitation of reimbursement for agricultural diesel and promises to continue working to maintain the competitiveness of the sector in the EU.


Machinery working on a German cropfield.

The president of the German farmers' association, Joachim Rukwied, has been "disappointed" by the decision of the German Federal Council to maintain the reimbursement of agricultural diesel for agriculture only for a limited time and aggressively emphasizes that compensation is now absolutely necessary. , at least equivalent, for this additional burden: ​"The fact that agricultural diesel is now only temporarily refunded means that we, as a farmers' association, will continue to work to maintain this tax rebate beyond this day. Weaken so massively the competitiveness of our national agriculture in the European internal market is completely unacceptable. Agricultural diesel will play an important role in the political debate at least until the next federal elections. Furthermore, it is now crucial to quickly achieve equivalent tax compensation to provide relief! that our companies urgently need!”, he stated.

From the association's point of view, these compensations would include tax relief and measures to strengthen risk management for the self-employed, a tax exemption for the use of non-fossil fuels in agriculture, a moratorium on requirements for agriculture along with a program to restore competitiveness in the European internal market and a serious, intentional and effective initiative to reduce bureaucracy at national and European level.

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