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Strategic alliance to accelerate the innovation and development of biological crop protection products

The World Bioprotection Forum (WBF) and the Indian Chamber of Food and Agriculture (ICFA) have signed an agreement to promote sustainable agriculture through the application of products and technologies based on biocontrol.


Dr. Minshad Ansari, president and founder of WBF, showing a culture of microorganisms.

The World BioProtection Forum (WBF) and the Indian Chamber of Food and Agriculture (ICFA) are delighted to announce the signing of a landmark Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that sets the stage for a dynamic partnership aimed at promoting sustainable agriculture and biocontrol products and technologies. The MoU, signed in Swansea, Wales, marks the beginning of a collaborative effort that leverages the strengths and expertise of both organisations to foster innovation and growth in the agricultural sector.

Details of the Agreement

Key elements of the partnership include:

- Innovation and R&D: Access to collaborative research and international trials enables both organisations to stay at the forefront of Agricultural biological innovations, ensuring their offerings are cutting-edge and highly marketable.

- Regulatory Advocacy: Collaborative efforts to advocate for favourable policy reforms can significantly reduce market entry barriers, fostering a conducive environment for products and services.

- Global Scouting and Collaboration: ICFA, through its group organisations, will work with WBF to scout for bio-input products, technologies, and companies worldwide for potential mergers, acquisitions, collaborations, or licensing agreements.

- Strategic Alliances: By engaging with industry leaders and innovators within WBF and ICFA, organisations can forge partnerships that accelerate product development and market penetration, driving profitability.

- Market Expansion: The WBF and ICFA global network offers unparalleled opportunities for market intelligence and entry into untapped regions, enhancing competitive edge.

- Training and Conferences: The parties will jointly organise training programs, meetings, symposia, conferences, and regulatory campaigns related to their mutual interests.

- Event Hosting: ICFA or its group organisations, such as Agriculture Today Group (ATG) and International Agriculture Consulting FZ-LLC, Dubai (IACG), will host the Annual World BioProtection Summit and Awards (AWBSA). These events will be organised globally by ICFA and WBF.

Dr. Minshad Ansari, Chairman and Founder of WBF, said, "This new global alliance between WBF and ICFA will significantly foster agricultural biological innovation worldwide by connecting top-tier biocontrol industries and their technology scouting for rapid commercialisation. This initiative is uniquely positioned to accelerate the global agbio market.

Dr. MJ Khan, Chairman of ICFA, said, "This partnership with a global biocontrol association, WBF, brings a tremendous opportunity to advance sustainable agriculture practices in India and globally. By combining our resources and expertise, we can drive significant progress in biocontrol technologies, benefiting farmers and the environment alike."

This partnership represents a significant step forward in the global effort to enhance sustainable agricultural practices and biocontrol technologies. WBF and ICFA are excited about the opportunities this collaboration will bring and look forward to achieving significant milestones together.

The World BioProtection Forum (WBF) is a non-profit organisation promoting sustainable agriculture through biocontrol products and technologies. The Indian Chamber of Food and Agriculture (ICFA) is the apex agro-trade chamber in India, working on policy, trade, and business facilitation in the agricultural sector.

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