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Romania begins its barley harvest campaign
The Romanian Minister of Agriculture visited the town of Vanatori to see the first grain harvest of the year.

Barley harvest in Romania.

The Romanian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development reports that the harvest campaign of spring barley and winter barley has begun.

Until June 10, 2018, spring barley was harvested in 15 counties (Arad, Bihor, Brăila, Buzău, Caraş Severin, Călăraşi, Constanţa, Dolj, Galati, Giurgiu, Ialomita, Mehedinţi, Olt, Teleorman and Tulcea) in a total area of 19,000 ha. As for autumn barley, it was harvested in an area of 3,500 hectares in 5 counties, namely Arad, Bihor, Mehedinţi, Teleorman and Timiş.

Petre Daea, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, was on Friday, June 8, in the town of Vānători, in Teleorman County, to see the first grain harvest of this year.

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