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Romania begins the process for the recognition of economic operators of sugar production
Sugar beet growers may benefit from subsidies if they are linked to a recognized sugar factory.

Romanian sugar beet.

Council Regulation (EC) 1185/2017 laying down the rules for the application of Regulations (EU) 1307 and 1308/2013 of the Council of the European Parliament and of the Council with regard to notifications to the Commission of information and documents It also modified the sugar market.

In this regard, at the MADR level, Emergency Ordinance No. 94/2017 was adopted for the amendment and finalization of the Emergency Ordinance of the Government no. 67/2008 on the organization and operation of the Information System for the agricultural and food products market and Order No. 10/2018 for the approval of the procedure for the recognition of economic operators who carry out activities related to the production of sugar from sugar beet and / or the refining of cane sugar.

In accordance with the provisions of the aforementioned order, applicant sugar mills and related documentation must be verified by the commission established for this purpose to be recognized as an economic operator that performs sugar production activities, if they meet the conditions for the recognition. The Factory Inspection Commission is composed of representatives of MADR, ASAS, the Sugar Association in Romania, the Federation of Sugar Producers in Romania and the County Agricultural Department within which the sugar factory is located.

The commission thus formed inspected the plants of Antrepriza Zahăr Bod SRL and Tereos Romānia SA, and the other factories will be reviewed in the next period.

We also note that, in accordance with the provisions of Order No. 619/2015, with subsequent amendments and modifications, sugar beet growers can benefit from national transition assistance and associated voluntary support if they present evidence of having concluded a contract with a sugar factory recognized by MADR.

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